Monday, September 3, 2012

New Cousins!


I just realized in about seven weeks we will have baby Dylan here with us… eeks! I am now in major nesting mode. After cleaning out our garage, our laundry room, and mopping the kitchen, I now feel I MUST update this blog or we simply won’t be ready for the baby. Go figure.  I have decided to do some highlights of our summer since I can’t get to all I had planned to update.

One of the BIGGEST highlights of all was that Sammy finally got to meet his new cousins, Landen and Leah! My cousin Cindy has been living out a real life fairy tale the last few years and it has brought me so much joy to watch it all play out. She met the love of her life, Russell (who we all love, pshew!, thank goodness!),  and after dating for a while he popped the question this summer. Russell has two children from a previous marriage, who we had heard lots about and seen plenty of pictures of but with them living in TN we just hadn’t had a chance to meet them.

Thankfully Cindy and her new little family made it down to FL for a visit and Sammy was in nothing short of cousin heaven. He had not one, but TWO cousins just his age to play with. The kids got along so well and had an absolute blast together. It was love at first sight! He STILL asks when he can see them again and loves to look at their pictures. So thankful God brought them into our lives. We love you kiddos, hugs and kisses to you from the DeLucca Family!


AWESOME family get together.. Sammy’s other cousins Duncan and Quinten were visiting from GA too.. just so great to have our family partly together again.


How hilarious is this picture of my son? He cracks me up, loves having his pic taken!


My Aunt Sandra and Uncle LaVaughn, picture is not complete without my mom in it too! She and Richard were on their summer long RV trip, gallivanting around the US


My Uncles- Love these guys and their matching shirts! Sammy still is convinced that Uncle Stan is a “big kid, not a grown up”


This pic right here is what it is all about, the family dipping our plates in Aunt Sandra’s kitchen. Oh the memories, this pretty much sums up my childhood.


My happy boy!! He grinned ear to ear just about all day long.


Meet Leah! Isn’t she a doll? If only you could hear her cute little southern accent, she is such a sweetheart!


Cindy always requests watermelon on her bday! Happy Bday RP, love you so so much


…and her little girl wants to be just like her, pretty adorable huh?


I had heard all about Russell’s body building but I needed to see for my own eyes.. um yup, those are some big guns


It’s a hard knock life. Sammy almost fell asleep in that float


Two peas in a pod- sweet sweet friends for life I’m sure


Sammy with cousins Quinten AND Landen. Duncan escaped yet another picture but he was there, promise


Only took me a few min and I won her over, love my newest little “niece”


and finally a pic with Duncan!


Sam doing what he does best in pools, wrestling with ALL the kids at once. I have to remind him he needs parental permission to throw other people’s kids. He loves the workout


All ready for their first sleepover together


Leah conked out on way to our house but the boys chatted the ENTIRE drive, it was hilarious to hear their conversation as they got to know each other


All little boys who come to our house love the police car


Leah was a little apprehensive at first but then she got right into the driver’s seat too


The doctor is in and watch out b/c she is tough!


Dress up was so fun, I laughed so hard from the other room hearing their imaginations run wild. Sammy was Captain No Legs, Leah was the Doctor that he was trying to rescue and Landen was a police officer who was attempting to save them all from an evil shark.


Sammy turned bad guy- epic battle between good and evil


First time having a buddy sleep IN his room during a sleepover. It went great.. for about 15 min. Then we had some bed swapping and we ended up with Landen and Leah sleeping in Sammy’s bed and Sammy in bed with me & Sam.


Don’t forget to brush!


Thanks Aunt Debbie & the Chapman family for the doggy game, ALL the kids who come over love it


Making surprise Fathers Day presents for the daddies


They worked SO SO hard on the cards


and painted the presents


Leah wasn’t too fond of getting paint on her hands so I decided to put the girl to work washing the paint brushes. She LOVED it and wanted more so I emptied the water and gave her some real dishes to do. That’s right, send your kids to my house and I put them to work!


Landen is a budding artist, he was on cloud 9 painting



Some sand play while they waited for the daddies and then VOILA! The big unveiling…  the gifts were a success and both Dads loved them!