Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Pics...

Just a few pics from Thanksgiving and a very silly video of my little cousins rapping.. ha ha!


Blessed is the best word to describe how I felt this Thanksgiving. Above are some pics of Sammy with his grandparents over the last few days, he was on cloud 9 as you can tell. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and feel refreshed for this new week of work. We are so blessed as a nation and although we try to remain thankful year round, it is nice to have a day when our country as a whole gives thanks to God for all that He has given us. I feel like God is so removed from our culture/society and so this day serves as a great reminder to each of us that He is our Creator and Provider. Our experiences down in Guatemala serve to remind Sam and I that as horrible and destructive as poverty is, the poverty experienced here in our great country in no way compares to the poverty around the world so we are very thankful to live in a country that although far from perfect, nationally recognizes all that our Savior has done for us.

Our Thanksgiving celebration started on Tuesday night with the Thanksgiving dinner at our church. It was a great time of fellowship and a perfect way to get our hearts in the right place for the holiday. We sat with Bryan & Suzanne and the girls and as Sammy got restless he really enjoyed planning with Addie and "copying" her. It was so cute to see him try to mimic her every action. He LOVED the worship time and dancing and it made me realize how much I miss having him with us for that. He is always in the nursery so it was nice to get to share that time with him. We both talked on the way home about how thankful we truly are for our church family. It is funny b/c our church has a little tag line .. "where friends become family" and it really is true. It has been so great to have "Family" here in Gville while we are away from our biological families. Our church family has been there for us through everything and have laughed and rejoiced with us but also cried with us and most importantly lifts up each of our needs in prayer. On Sunday Lance shared a message with us from Romans 15 :30 -33 about joining with each other in prayer. Paul asked his brothers in Christ to join him in his struggle and pray for him. Other versions have the words "strive" or "agonize", so we are called to agonize together. I was reminded this Thanksgiving of just how thankful I am to have our friends and family to agonize with and pray with us. We would have NEVER made it through all that came about this year if it hadn't been for those prayers and the support we received. We are truly thankful for each of you.

We spent Wed and Thursday up in Jacksonville and had a good time visiting with both of our families. We hung out with mom during the day on Wed then met up with Sam's family on Wed night. Sammy got to show off his new walking skills to both sets of grandparents and it was too cute. He just ate up all of the attention. We spent Thanksgiving day at Aunt Sandra's and were so glad that Sarah & Brennan joined us.. so much fun! I found it hard to eat sitting by Sarah b/c she had me cracking up and my cheeks hurt from laughing. I will post some video of my little cousins doing their strange "McDonalds rap" that they practiced over and over. It was very funny to hear them perform it and I promised I would post it up here but I still can't say I completely understand why they would rap about McDonalds of all things.. gross... ??? Does this mean I am old?

Sam had to go back to work on Friday so Sammy went to visit his Grammy while mom and I went shopping. It was just like old times, I had so much fun! Sammy I think had more fun though. He played all afternoon with Grammy and Grandpa and he was so tired when we picked him up that he slept in the car but woke up when we got home. We tried to give him dinner but he could barely keep his head up and his eyes kept rolling back, he was just give out. He sure did sleep that night, thank goodness! Guess he needs a good dose of Grammy's house every day! We had been having sleeping issues the nights before since his back molars were coming in so I was MOST thankful for sleep! After bed time I got to hang out with Cindy and had so much fun eating more pumpkin and pecan pie (don't judge) and catching up with her. We just laid on her bed chatting, just like we used too. I love you RP!

We hope everyone reading this enjoyed their Thanksgiving time as well and took a few moments to reflect on all you are thankful for. We are so thankful for the way we have grown in our marriage this year, for our Samuelito and his health and development and the joy he brings us, for our families & and for the love and support they have shown us- they are always there for us and it is such a comfort to know that we have them, no matter what. We are also so thankful to our friends who laugh and cry with us, for the kids at Casa in Guatemala and relationships we have been able to maintain not only with them but the missionaries too, for our little Banana and her family and all that they mean to us, and for our jobs! Hey in these times, as difficult as it may be, especially for Sam, we have paychecks coming in and that is a blessing in itself. Sam said it best when he talked about just our comfort of living we enjoy.. the families in Guatemala don't know where their food will come from or when they will eat and they sleep on cold dirt floors yet we have a warm house, a pantry full of food, and health care, etc. just so much that so many in this world lack. Most importantly, we are thankful for our salvation and for the peace and hope we have from our Savior. He supplies ALL we need, not all that we want but ALL that we need and He is always there to provide comfort, guidance, direction, strength, whatever it may be. We are very very blessed.