Sunday, November 9, 2008

Can't believe he is ONE

Well, our little guy turned one this week and I am still in shock! How on earth has it been a year already? It is all going by too fast for my tastes. I LOVE being his mommy and all the fun baby stages (well I could have done with out the serious lack of sleep) and don't want this baby stuff to end. I keep reminding myself that we do have a ways to go before he is officially a toddler but every now in then I get a glimpse of a little boy rather than a baby and it is so weird! I am a little scared of the walking that is coming any day now. He is so very close.. he barely holds on to things when he cruises and he LOVES to let go and just stand their on his own. He has so much personality and actually gets sillier with each day and he is just learning things so quickly. Sam and I were just talking tonight about how he literally amazes us daily with something he does or says. The other day he said "sticker" when I showed him my "I voted" sticker... it is now one of his favorite words and he says "sticker" to anything that looks remotely close to one. He was thrilled today when I took his sticker off his back from church (his nursery identification tag) and let him play with it. Although I absolutely adore the way he says "daddy", my favorite word of his by far is his most recent addition .... "ma ma"!!! That's right folks, the long awaited words finally came out last night. It was so hard to wait.. I mean c'mon! He has several words now in both languages and yet not even a "ma" out of his lips. Let me tell you though, when he finally said it.. it was simply beautiful! I of course way over reacted and clapped, hugged, kissed him, and laughed all at the same time which prompted him to repeat it 6 more times.. I was in heaven! Sadly, he hasn't said it since but it's fine. He said "ma ma" and it was directed at me and it was soooo sweet! We are quickly realizing that he is very strong willed, he knows exactly what he wants and how he thinks things should go, which although challenging has provided us many laughs with the situations he has gotten himeself into.
Even with all this growing up he is doing, he is still just as sweet and snuggly as ever. He loves to rub my arm while I rock him and he gives the absolute best hugs and kisses in the world (although his little cousin Jamin sure gives him a run for his money). He often stops playing and crawls over to hug me and grab a quick kiss then continues on his way and I know pretty soon he will be way to busy to steal kisses from mommy so I am just trying to enjoy every moment that I have with my little baby because before I know it... he'll be a big boy. Well, he already is a giant but you know what I mean.. (for those of you who haven't seen him in a while, he is still quite a little chuncker). It really seems like just a few months ago that we broght him home and everything was so new and he was so little and delicate.
I am hoping to get some pictures posted up soon.. I can't wait to upload the pics from his bday party and from Halloween.. so cute! For now though, here are just a few of the more recent pics we've taken (sad to say I still have the last couple months on my camera and have yet to even transfer them to the computer) . I've also included one of the online scrapbook pages I made a while back. I think he was 7 months old here, we had gone to the beach to visit Sam's family and just had a fabulous time. Hope you enjoy it. ... I think I'm getting the hang of this blogging, phsewy!

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