Monday, June 29, 2009


Well we had some dissapointing news over the weekend and then today. First we learned that Kylie's adoption is AGAIN delayed due to some insane processing issues on the Guatemala side. Their case was completely out of PGN, she is legally Dave and Andrea's daughter, then b/c of errors in paperwork that were to have been corrected forever ago and incompent people they went back into PGN~ the whole fiasco angers me. Andrea headed down to Guat on Thurs and has been having meetings and working her bootie off to get things straightened out. You don't mess with Mama! Thankfully last I can tell they had some good news at end of day today but still please keep my sweet friend and her husband and daugther in your prayers. Also pray for her friend Shelia who is adopting Kylie's bff, Lilly, and the several others waiting to get their kids home from Casa. The Guat adoptions are just so messed up right now, we need these kids home with their forever families. It's been too long.

Second dissapoing news was that Sam did not get the job with the state attorney's office. He also has not heard back from Mercedes or UPD, so we are just beyond frustrated. It is just discouraging and makes us wonder what God is up to. We still know and fully believe He is in control and apparently that state attorney's job was not what He had planned for Sam. It is just hard as humans to see & understand God's timing. Pondering it and trying to figure out what God is up to is just exhausting. I know this will be one of those times like most other things in my life where eventually years from now I will be able to look back and say "oh wow, look how God was working in our lives, look how he was orchestrating everything to turn out just like He had planned so that we can be the family He wants to shape us into" but here in the midst of it all it is hard. It is very humbling to be completey dependent on my mom and Richard (muchos gracias Mom!).

Pastor Gary was just referring to unexpected challenges and how what seems to be stumbling blocks to us are really stepping stones for God. As long as we stay optimistic, faithful, and keep good attitudes with our hearts bent on following and serving God he will do unexpected and great things, things that we can not even begin to imagine now. I totally believe this 100%. When I look back to where I was when I graduated high school, did I think 11 years from then I would be completing a PhD?? Nope. God had bigger plans. I am thankful for these words of encouragement from PG and for those of you who have encouraged us through this. It is hard but we are trusing our Jesus to carry us on through. Thankfully we have yet to go to bed without food or anything remotely close to the struggles many around the world are facing this very moment and we are just beyond blessed. So many images come to mind throughout the day, anytime I feel the woe is me mood. I am glad these images creep in, it helps me keep perspective. It seems so wrong to complain about how hard things are as we sit in our comfy safe house with all our "stuff". I continuously picture the tin houses with dirt floors with literally 8 or 9 people living happily in them in Guatemala or the straw huts from the islands and the families we met who literally lived on the beach (um, if things don't look up we may just move in with them!). We seriously have NO ROOM to complain. So, in light of our commitment to dance in the rain regardless what comes, and because apparently I just can not post without including a pic, here is one of Sam and Sammy discovering rain and playing in it! They had a blast and no it was not lightening Mom. =)

Oh, very quickly. Just want to brag on my man.. he had a super rough day, it was disheartening to get that phone call. Did he come home to his two pals Ben & Jerry and veg out on couch and b/c too sad and upset to do anything? (btw, this is totally what I would have done and have done in the past, hence the example) My sweet husband cleaned the entire house, mopped it and all, went for a run, played with Sammy, then cooked us all dinner and through it all had a giant smile on his face for Sammy. I love you Sam, you are best hubby a girl could hope for!