Tuesday, March 16, 2010

For Grammy & Papi

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We made a couple videos for Sam’s parents, these were made after Sammy had helped me peel some hard boiled eggs for breakfast. We finished and he clapped his hands together and said “so yummy mommy! I show Gwammy!”, he still doesn’t quite get that he can’t show her over the phone so I attempted to make the following videos. The first one, as you will see turned out rather silly but his little sense of humor is evident even at this young age as he did one of his “jokes” (I use this term loosely) at the end. He used to call Sam’s mom “Mimi” but he very recently declared that she is no longer Mimi and that now she is “Grammy” pronounced “Gwammy” and he is quick to correct us if we forget and slip up. At the end of the video I asked him to say bye to Mimi and Papi and his response is his attempt at a little joke. Too funny. 

Thankfully the second video was a little more serious and you can kind of get the gist of how the egg peeling went, well for the most part as told by a two year old.

Hope you enjoy them Grammy and Papi! He sure loves you!

Here are a few shots from his big train ride with them, yes they both rode right along with him and he had time of his life. Even got to wear the conductor’s hat! 

DSC03210 DSC03215 DSC03220 DSC03224

Sorry if these pics end up being ginormous on the blog, I am learning how to use the new writer program.