Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sleepover Party!

We went to the Newberry Watermelon festival for the first time this year and wow, it was an experiecne for sure. Hannah invited her 2 sisters to come back to our house and spend the night afterwards and we had so much fun. We were so hot after the festival so we got out Sammy's Elmo sprinkler and they played for a few hours. Sammy giggled at all their silly jumps they made up and he did a superb job of mowing the grass with his bubble mower.

My favorite part of the evening was our girl talk after Sammy went to bed. The three of us stayed up and read a few stories and then talked a lot about attitudes and how they affect all kinds of things and what is pleasing to God. I actually saw an opportunity and ran with it.. I remembered some of a devotion we had shared with the girls in Guatemala about how they are daugthers of the King and thus God sees them as princesses. These girls had several questions and we had a great prayer time, it was just so sweet. I love listening to them pray. Some of the things they pray for breaks my heart and brings me to tears and then of course they tease me for having tears in my eyes when we finish! Each one of these 3 girls is so special in their very own way. I can see that they have a lot of potential in several different areas and I can't help but wonder how each one will turn out, what they will chose to do with their lives and how they will chose to live and love others.

We had so much fun after church on Sunday. They kept the princess theme up through lunch, they talked with fancy accents and I let them use fancy glasses to drink from. Then they asked if they could play dress up. I caved and before I knew it they were going through my clothes, jewelry, and shoes and came up with some creative outfits (yes I made them clean it all themselves). They decided to put on a fashion show and thankfully Sam and Sammy were the best judges ever. Sam totally suprised us all, I kinda figured he would just move to another room but he got so invloved and really made it so much fun. He turned on music, we announced each girl and described their outfit, then Sam asked them silly questions, & finally it was time to go up and change in to their next ensamble. Sammy clapped so hard for each of them and said "goal!!" (not quite sure why, Sam has had him watching entirely too much soccer). My favorite was when they each used Franklyn as an accessory in the "dog" round, poor little guy. He was a good sport but was shaking like a leaf. At the end Sam then gave each an award he had made. TOO CUTE!!! It was super fun and it made me fall in love with my man all over again! =) I just love how sweet he is with them, especially our Banana. They all suprised him on Tuesday night when they gave him an early Fathers Day card, each of the 4 had signed it and put a pic of them in it. They wrote sweet messages about what a good dad he is to Sammy and a good friend he is to them. Awww. It was really sweet and he was very proud. He totally deserved every accalade they gave him.

Proud Winners! Winner of most mature- Krista, Winner of best use of color- Samantha, Winner of best style- Hannah