Monday, May 10, 2010

A little humor to brighten your day

Had to post this! Sam and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary last month, that’s right, we’ve been together for a total of 13 years now and are thankfully more in love than ever (say awwww here). More on that to come soon. The funny part occurred when Sammy and I were in Target shopping for the perfect card to give Sam. I was engrossed in reading my umpteenth card in search of just the right wording and my little one had decided to “help” me by reaching out of the cart and picking out cards himself. The first was of an obnoxious dog with bug eyes, the second was of a strange frog with a long tongue. He loves frogs and dogs so it made sense that he chose these. I explained why we had to put them back and asked him to please not touch the cards again. I had returned to the card I was reading when I suddenly heard his shriek of excitement…. “OOOOHHH MOMMY!!!” I turned and saw his big “o” mouth and raised eyebrows and he held the below card up and exclaimed “I want DIS ONE fo daddy, pweas mommy. Dis my favor-wit one! I weally wike it!!” I burst out laughing.. check it out !


I explained that this wasn’t the right kind of card, it wasn’t the card to give for a wedding anniversary and poor thing started to cry. He pleaded again on how his daddy would “be sad if not got card”. So, I couldn’t resist, yes I reinforced his behavior and totally bought it. It was just too funny that this of all cards this is what my sweet innocent little boy picked out for his daddy and declared was his favorite. To top it off, inside it read “we’ve reached the age where we just can’t function without our glasses, especially if they are empty, Happy Birthday!”.

He colored a picture of a cow and an elephant on the inside for Sam and he even asked if he could buy daddy some flowers. We headed up to the nursery and Sammy picked out marigolds, that were so stinky! He was just so proud of himself as we got the gifts arranged nicely on the table. He looked at me and said “daddy weally gone wike beauful card mommy” and he grinned. Sam was a little shocked when he opened it and then couldn’t stop laughing.

DSC04345 DSC04340

Sammy just beamed when Sam opened it and he told him all about the elephant and cow he drew inside. They were apparently eating a popsicle together, can’t you tell? Sam on the other hand cracked up and did a great job telling Sammy how he picked out a perfect card.

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