Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Pierce Julio Locquiao Macabasco !!!!

We were finally able to meet Audra & Patrick's sweet little baby and oh he was just precious. He was just so very tiny and so perfect, we have prayed so much for his health and safe delivery so it was just a long awaited moment to hold him and kiss him. He sure is a blessed little baby to have such a great family, Audra & Patrick are just the best parents. They were so cute and so attentive. Just seeing all his little stuff and talking with them about that first week just made me realize all the more how far in the past those days are for us. It seems so long ago that we did that!! Their little family is doing great, he is just perfection. He slighlty opened his eyes for a moment and oh, it was just too much. So sweet! I got all choked up when I thought about all the fun that is in store for them, all the firsts they get to experience. I am so very happy for them!

Please continue to pray for Audra's mom, Julie Locquiao. She sure knows how to kick some lung cancer butt! She is one strong lady, I really admire her faith and her approach to the situation. They had great news that the recent scans showed the tumors on her spine were gone (yay!) but they left holes in her spine, the dcotor said like swiss cheese, that could paralize her since she already had a fracture they were unaware of. So, she spent few days in hostipatal and was released with neck brace to wear when moving and will have surgery very soon to fill the holes with cement like material that should seal and act like bone. Please keep this situaion in prayers and her treatement and healing in general. Please also pray for her family, it is so hard on everyone. Audra had to leave her new 2 week old son to be at the hostpital with her mom, can't imagine how stressful that must have been. She wanted me to be sure to tell everyone they are so thankful for all of the prayers!!!!

We have two more babies coming this week so keep them in your prayers!! Gayle & Jason's baby Ana should be born today, the birth mom is going in for delivery I beleive so please continue to pray for Ana's health, for Gayle & Jason, and of course for the birth mom as I can't imagine how hard this will be for her. Also Linda and Patrick will welcome Caitlin into the world on Friday at 12:30!!! Linda and I have been friends since we were in 4th grade and I have been blesseed beyond measure by all of these years of friendship. She and her fam are definitely considered family rather than friends. I thank God every single day for her and that we have stayed so close, I just couldn't be more happier for them. Please pray that all goes as planned (Patrick won't be back in Fl until Thurs night) and pray for Linda's strength and courage and for doctor's wisdom and for Caitlin's health and safe delivery. YAY!! Babies babies babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!