Thursday, September 23, 2010

Visit to see Chapman Family

Haven’t had too much time to blog lately, I am in the final push of my dissertation. I will be defending it the second week in November folks! The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and brighter and I can’t thank those of you who are praying me through this enough. Just when I am ready to give up and throw in the towel I muster up some motivation to keep on going and I know that is only by the grace of God! So I do thank you from the bottom of my heart for praying for me.

Just popped on to post up a few pics from the summer. This is our visit up to see the Debbie & the kids and it was so wonderful catching up and spending time with them. Sammy adores all of his big cousins and asks to see them every day so he was on cloud 9! He still copies some of the things Bryan taught him to this very day. Thanks Debbie…my almost 3 year old now tries to make pit noises. Here are some pics of our time with them. We love you guys!



Making faces at Julie


Jennifer gave the boys excellent hair cuts!

DSC00811 DSC00813

This is my Uncle Tom, one of my favorite men in this whole wide world. I love you Uncle Tom!


Sammy loved the chocolate and it clearly made him very very wild


Look how much Bryan has grown! I couldn’t believe it!


Here is my TEENAGER lil’ Julz. She had her bday a few weeks ago and is now 13 years old! Isn’t she beautiful?!

DSC00822 DSC00825 DSC00831 DSC00833

Megan and Marc came over so we could see them too and Sammy had a blast with the “big boys” and tried to be just like them


His little friend JamieLynn came over and the two of them always have so much fun together. I really think he would follow her around all day if he could. She is a little mama and even though she is only a year older she takes great care of him. They play so well together!

DSC00841 DSC00843

So, does this count as his first kiss?


Very wild lunch they had.. this is where Bryan imparted all his wisdom on crazy faces, how to make silly sounds, you know typical things he wants to “pass down” to Sammy as he told me.


Sammy played his first ever game of hid n seek where he actually”got it” and fully understood. Too funny!


He counted to 23 and only skipped 17, we were impressed!


He would hold his ears and whisper, “ I hear dem!”


Caught ya Bryan!

DSC00881 DSC00885

Took the boys to Dairy Queen! Sadly Julz was too cool with us and was off with her girlfriends to see a movie. So hard when they grow up!

DSC00894 DSC00900

We headed over to the Wethington house for Meg’s bday and Sammy loved riding in Marc’s grandpa’s bike


Our boys! Megan and I always wondered what this pic would look like and here they are!

DSC00911 DSC00913 DSC00916 DSC00917

Such a fabulous time! We love you Chapman Family and hope to see you really really soon!