Friday, January 22, 2010

When Harry Met Sally with a twist!

It FINALLY happened! We had our "When Harry Met Sally night" and it was just great! Last April when we were all in Colorado for a conference Katherine and I were talking and she learned I had never seen the movie when Harry Met Sally NOR eaten astronaut ice cream. She declared that we would have a night where both were accomplished but of course given that we are all in grad school.. we have all been too busy to make it happen. Well thankfully last weekend we had our big night and it was just great! I had a blast! The movie was so funny and took much longer than typical to watch because we of course had to keep pausing it to make fun of their 80s clothes/hair and to comment on various scenes. My favorite was of course the famous scene in the restaurant where Sally fakes one. My favorite part though was when Sally was walking down the sidewalk with her bf and chatting. Nothing phenomenal. Erin however, grabbed the remote and paused the movie & informed me that the bf's hair was what true "short brown hair"looks like. She had heard me on the phone describing myself as having short brown hair (which I do!) and corrected me that I apparently have long blonde hair (which I don't!). It was hilarious though, I was cracking up b/c they ALL tried to convince me of the latter and even said my hair was more like Sally's (also not good) than her bf's hair. Funny funny!

Katherine even had a basket with packs of astronaut ice cream for us!! There were 3 of us who had never had it so it was fun to see what everyone thought of it. I personally loved it! Ice cream that you chew, can't go wrong with that. I was not fond of the slimy film on my teeth after wards but I still gave it a very high rating! My fav flavor was of course chocolate and I saved my biggest chunk to eat until they fell in love and kissed at the end of the movie (I so knew they would). I brought some home for Hannah and after one bite she declared "that stuff is nasty! Astronauts are crazy! They are crazy to go to space and crazy to eat that nasty stuff!" ha ha...

Our night was almost ruined after A YEAR of waiting b/c Sam found out last min he had to work the gator basketball game but...... Erin & Clint to the rescue!!!! Clint's niece Amberly lives with them and had taken babysitting classes and needed to babysit for a girl scout badge. Erin assured me Clint (who has babysat Sammy with Erin before) would be there for my reassurance but that Amberly would do all the work. He was just there in case needed for an emergency. Sammy knows Amberly and so he was super excited all day to go hang out with her. I was SO IMPRESSED with her! When we got there she had a file folder with our name and form she had created for me to fill out. It had her logo at the top (see pic below) for "Awesome Amberly's Babysitting Business" and she did such a wonderful job! She fed him dinner and even got him to go to sleep in a new place and he has asked to go see her EVERY DAY since. Thank you Amberly for taking such great care of my boy and for showing him a great time (and taking pics!). Thank you Clint for staying home for the "just in case".

With our packs of Astronaut Ice Cream! Thanks Katherine!!
At long last....!!!
First bite.. not too sure,haha.... I love Burcu's face!!=)
Check out Amberly's super organization skills!!
All ready for a fun night
Some pics she took while I was gone
They had locked their dog & cat up but the kitty apparently really wanted to come out and play (Abby.. this is Kalee the kitty that you helped Erin adopt a few years ago!!! I know you can't see all of her but she loves her home and family and is just beautiful, and isn't her paw cute??)
This is how I found him when I came back, all tuckered out asleep in Amberly's bed. Well done! I honestly don't think I could have got him to sleep in a new place/bed. Wow!