Friday, January 9, 2009

Check out these pics of our Angel!

Hello everyone! So we recently had an amazingly fun family photo session for Sammy's 1 year pictures with Stuart and Susan of Powers Photography. It was a simply amazing experience, we had so much fun. I wish I could show all of our pics, but I do have a link for you to see a few of them that they posted on their blog. They are so skilled and the session was more like a structured play session rather than a photo shoot. Sammy had an absolute blast and was really hilarious. I don't think he really even realized he was having his pictures taken! Being Sammy, he responded well to being the center of attention for that length of time (lol) and was just all laughs and giggles for the most part. Very entertaining! He had all of us laughing so hard at one point I had tears in my eyes! I sure wish we could do that every month! The pictures are absolutely beautiful to say the least and if you are in the Gville area I would HIGHLY recommend them for baby, family, wedding, or really any photos you are in the market for. Here is the link to their blog where you can see some of Sammy's pics.. Seriously every pic they took is perfect. Hope to get some on here soon.

Also.. if you don't follow Sam's blog regularly, then please check out his most recent post, it is just so sweet.. I am just so in love with my sweet husband.

As in my last post.. still working on getting Christmas pics together but hope to get some up soon!