Monday, July 26, 2010

Its the little things…

Little things are indeed little, but to be faithful in little things is a great thing~ Mother Teresa

I have been having some very super cool “God” moments lately. He and I have been on quite the journey with one another. Can’t wait to share more about that but for now just wanted to post one little tidbit while I have a moment. Do you go to God with everything? I mean everything, even the little stuff? Do you think He even cares about the little things that are important to you? Well He does, more than you know. He craves and yearns for you to talk with Him and share those desires of your heart. Yes He is God and He knows everything about you right down to the number of hairs on your head so he technically already knows them but what He wants most of all is for us to be in a relationship with Him. To simply spend time with Him and share our hearts and thoughts with Him. Just as we want our own children to come to us for wisdom and counsel, God wants the same with us. He wants to fill us with unspeakable joy so that when those terrible times come, and they surely will, we will be found in Him. He wants our joy that comes from His love to spill over and touch the lives of others around us.

I love when God answers the smallest most insignificant prayer of mine, almost as if to say.. “See my beloved, I really do care about the little things in your life”. Psalm 40:16 says He wants for all who search for Him be filled with joy and gladness. I will share an example that sure some may explain away as a coincidence but I know it was not.

I have wanted since early LAST summer for me and my Sams to spend some time on the beach together, a day of pure family fun. Sam hadn’t been able to join us on the beach since Sammy was a baby and I just longed for to share that time together. In my head we would frolic around, laughing and giggling.. well not exactly but you get my drift. We had tried since Feb to orchestrate this day and every time we had a day picked, something with one of our families would come up or some random event would cause a change in plans. I finally got sick of it and declared July 3rd would be our beach day. If anyone wanted to spend time with us they were welcome to join us on the beach because that is where the 3 of us would be. Wouldn’t you know Sam was given MANDATORY overtime that day? We changed our plans, no big deal, Sammy would be off schedule but we would just drive straight to the beach after he got off that morning but then…. his car broke down. Yep. We worked through it and found a way to still be on our way but by that point I was a tad bit cranky (ok.. cranky is an understatement). Then as we were driving up, the rain clouds rolled in and it started to pour. Sammy became very grouchy as he refused to take a nap in the car. Two hours into our trip with a whiney toddler and rain so loud Sam and I could barely hear each other it seemed very clear our beach day would not happen.

Sam asked me one little question and I lost it. My pitiful tear rolled down my cheek while I asked him “Why does this have to happen? Why is it virtually impossible for the three of us to spend a day on the beach together?” I whined. My wonderful husband put it all in perspective thankfully and reminded me that in the grand scheme of the world and all the problems going on, we are doing pretty good if this is what I have to be upset about. Yes, I agreed but Ouch, the reality check hurt and I felt like whiney princess. I closed my eyes and silently prayed for God to forgive my poor attitude and to give me a change of heart so we could enjoy what was left of the day together. At this point we were minutes from the beach and were looking for a place to turn around and head to his parents’ house.  All of a sudden Sam jerked the car and our wheels literally squealed as he pulled us into a CVS parking lot. “You wanted a family fun day on the beach, well we will have one. Rain or not, tired toddler or not, we will make the best of it. It’s not lightening, we’ll be fine. It will be great, you’ll see”. With that he left the car fighting the wind and rain and ran into CVS to get us some giant bottles of water. “What happened mommy? What Daddy doin in dat wain?” Sammy asked. “Well baby, looks like we are going to the beach in the rain” I replied. I thought Sam had lost his mind and so did the man in the booth we paid $7 (YES SEVEN BUCKS NOW, TALK ABOUT INFLATION! I was floored!) to so that we could drive our car onto the beach during the monsoon.

It was simply amazing, as we drove to find our perfect spot the rain slowed and sure enough, by the time we got out of the car the rain had stopped. The sun peaked out from the clouds and we had a BLAST together. It wasn’t too hot, we even had a breeze! It was everything I had hoped for and more. We had a great talk about God and all the beautiful things He has created with Sammy. It really was a time of true joy as we laughed & played together. We did not frolic but Sammy and Sam chased birds down the beach so that sorta counts, right? It was the perfect day and wouldn’t you know just as we got all packed up and closed the last car door out of nowhere the bottom fell out and the torrential down pour continued? It may sound weird but I got a tingly sensation all down my spine and as egocentric as it is to think that God stopped the rains just for us, I do. I am sure there was a bigger purpose and plan to it all BUT I do know that His timing was perfect and allowed us to enjoy the window of perfect weather while it was there.  I thanked Him for showing me that He understood just how important that family time was to my heart and He worked out all the details so we could still enjoy it. I am so grateful that he cares for the little insignificant desires of my heart just as much as the big ones! I love my Savior!


He LOVED putting his feet in the sand and ran squealing as soon as he got out of the car


Our little all American boy spread his patriotism to those driving by us as he yelled “God Bwess Amew-ca” and waved his flag to each car. The honks and laughs/waves he got in return encouraged him to then up it from one flag to TWO flags.




Should’ve switched to Geico…



Sam is an expert on beach life having lived on the beach and surfed for so long, so yep.. that is what you’re thinking. He showed our TWO YEAR OLD how to TOUCH A JELLY FISH without getting stung. I have no further comment on this.


Sammy likes some sushi so when he found seaweed he said “oh yummy, I eat it please?”




Thank you for his sharky swim suit Grammy! He loves it and calls them his “sharps”


This is called progress! My child who once hated the sand and was so upset if a spec got on him now buries his face in it for fun!


They have my heart, just look at them!

A little update on us

I sure do miss blogging! We have been very busy making so many sweet memories this summer and I have been spending the time I would typically use to blog to catch up on some summer reading. This is the first summer since I started grad school that I have not been slammed with work so I have enjoyed doing some pleasure reading for a change. I have had so many ideas of things to write and share on the blog but haven’t taken the time to do any of it. We have been having quite the summer and I can’t believe all of the amazing memories we have made and it isn’t even over yet!

To bring you up to speed, Sam is loving his job but of course the night shift does play quite the toll on our time with him and is exhausting in many ways for him and for Sammy and me. We decided to really maximize the days we do have with Sam and have headed off most of those days in search of some adventures. We have also been able to spend time with precious family and friends we haven’t seen in a while. On top of all of this, Sammy and I took a spontaneous trip to the Keys (amazing time!!) and I am making good progress on my dissertation. I am finishing analyses now and then have the final two sections to write up then I am DONE! That light at the end of the tunnel is growing brighter and brighter, thank you JESUS! Hannah and the kids are still gone and our house feels overwhelmingly empty at times as I miss them with all of my being but I am learning to cope. I treasure the sweet phone calls from them and am so thankful their mom is super cool about letting us stay in touch with them.

Sammy is doing great & loving summer but asks about “his” Hannah every day, sometimes more than once. I have been able to pick him up earlier from school now that things have slowed down some for me and I am eating up all of this quality time with him. He has been having super great reports at school. His teachers say he is really coming out of his shell (finally! Its only been a year.. I’m just sayin) and is being a big helper in the classroom. The potty training is progressing, don’t know if others have found this or not but he seems to be trained (except over night) when it comes to pee but not even close when it comes to #2s, it is rather frustrating but I am trying not to push him. Just when I think we are out of the woods with one behavior issue (biting, spitting, etc) another one creeps in. He has began to pinch now.. UGH! It isn’t very frequent yet but I want to catch it before it becomes so. If any of you mommies out there have dealt with pinching your advice is appreciated!


This was his response when I told him we were going on a vacation to the ocean!!! He was more excited than I thought he would be!!!! He threw his hands up and yelled “Yay! My turn for Bay-Cay-shun!” because all his buddies in his class had been coming back from their vacations and telling about all they did.


Here are a few pics from our trip to the splash park with his friend Jane.


My coordinated matching kiddo.. can you tell there was a sale so we stocked up on beach gear??


Little Miss Janey LOVED the splash park, she was a adorable!