Thursday, January 28, 2010

Here comes the bride!!!

introducing the future Mrs. Papke!! (pronounced Pap-key)

We had my little baby sister in law who is all grown up now's shower.. yes that is right folks in less than one month Sarah Michelle is getting married! She couldn't have found a better prince in my eyes. She and Brennan are just so cute and perfect for each other. They really compliment each other just right and they have a blast together and are just madly head over heals in love. their sweetness with each other is literally contagious! It makes me think back to those days almost 8 years ago before Sam and I got married.. so many hopes and dreams, such excitement and such wonder at what our lives would be like. Who would we be, what kind of life would he have together. It is so surreal to think about how much I loved him then and when I look at how far we've come and how much closer we have grown it makes me almost laugh at how in love I thought we were then. The funny thing is, if you would have told me on my wedding day that I could possibly love him more I would have said you were crazy! I am sure these two love birds are feeling just the same way.

I am so excited for this new chapter and to officially welcome Brennan in as part of our family. He is just great. I guess now I will kinda sorta have a little brother!=) Never actually thought about it that way before until just this moment actually. I can't wait to see how their love grows and how much fun they have as husband and wife. I ESPECIALLY can't wait to meet my neices and nephews- to- be but according to the happy couple, I have a really long wait. =) One day though. I always tell Sarah that I wish we could just get one tiny glimpse, if even for a second, of our lives 15 years from now. Just to know what a snapshot of our family sitting around the table would look like. My hope is that the 7 of us (Papi, Mimi, my family, & Sarah & Brennan) will be joined by hopefully 3 more of ours (one natural and 2 adopted!! QUICK>> Somebody pick Sam up off the ground as I am sure he has just fainted reading this!!!) and then hopefully 3 or 4 little Papke's sitting there with us. How wonderful!!!

Here are some pics from her bridal shower. It went off without a hitch and I don't think it could have gone any better. Everyone seemed to have a great time. There was so much yummy food and the I think everyone had fun with the games. My favorite was the question and answer game for Sarah. I had asked Brennan questions and then Sarah had to guess what his answers were. They did great! Out of 25 questions she guessed correctly on all but a couple! WOW! He promised me he would not be a cheater face and spill the beans to tip her off on the game. I do wonder if she threw out her "frumpy & dingy" blue sweatpants (Brennan's words not mine!) as a result of my questions, ha ha. Brennan was so fun to interview too.. he even had me all teared up at one point. I have just loved getting to know him and his fam.

Enjoy the pics! We love you Sarah and Brennan and we can't wait to celebrate with you in just a few weeks!

Here is Ashley and her youngest daughter Jolee. Ashley is Sarah's bff so I have been able to watch Ashley grow from a feisty spunky little girl to a wonderful wife and mommy!
She was so sweet! I held her and fed her and just really enjoyed getting to know little miss Jolee. Just precious!
Check out the spread!
Celebrity game.. we had them thinking!

Katie & Ashley, some of Sarah's oldest friends
My two Moms! Aren't they gorgeous! I am going to print this pic to put in Sammy's room, he will be in Mimi & Minima heaven (both names given by him, my mom got the short end of the stick huh?)
Sammy loved Jolee and FINALLY this is one little baby he did NOT poke in the eye. =)
Ashley and her mama Dena, It was so gret to see her again! Haven't seen Dena in years, she is still just a blast. Love her!
Sarah P. one the purse game.. she had the most unique item by far.. a giant electric razor??
Sarah opened Sammy's gift to her first. He gave her a big set of cookie cutters that he wrapped up all by himself and I asked him what he wanted me to write in the card, it was a very "unique" message for sure! He was VERY proud of his gift to her, he told her "Say-rah! I MAAADE it self!"

Opening the dish set from mom, she was sure happy! They were beautiful!
The shower co hosts! We pulled it off ladies! I think we all slept pretty great that night. =)
This is basically the gist of the shower, Sarah opening gifts and Sammy dancing around eating a million popsicles (ok .. more like 4) and lots of candy b/c I couldn't keep my eyes on him.
Check out this super creative gift??How adorable! I wish I had that nack to come up with gifts like this.
The gang! Sarah's old friends, it made my heart happy to see them all together again! Sarah P. on the far right is actually the match maker who set Sarah up with Brennan! Job well done, huh?
I finally got to meet Danny & Aaron who I had heard so very much about. They were so much fun!
Love this shot, it is Sarah & Ashley goofing off just like in the old days! This is how I remember them, doing some silly stunt and cracking up/snorting about it
Sarah was a little unsure about cutting the cake but we made her do it anyway! See, wasn't that bad was it??
Love this! Oh what I would give for another piece of that yummy cake... mmmmmmm
The DeLucca ladies (and lil' Sammy) ... love you both !!!