Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mi Amigas

We have had some fun play dates lately and have really been enjoying this beautiful spring weather! I am so thankful for the great group of friends we have here in Gainesville. Our little play dates are such a great time where our kiddos can run wild and play while learning those valuable socialization skills and us mommies can just chat it up and really encourage each other. Play dates aren’t just for mommies though, we often have friends without kids come (if they can stand the noise/chaos lovely sounds of children playing) so for all who have yet to join.. c’mon! What are you waiting for?? I have learned so much from these amazing friends. I of course love learning about healthy snack recipes and discipline strategies for 2 year olds but even more important are the chats about problems we are going through or matters weighing heavy on our hearts. We carry each others burdens and pray for and with each other over both the big and small stuff. Yes we talk about some crazy stuff too (um.. I am committing to keep the van ride to Ocala hush hush but YOU KNOW what I am referring to) but regardless I always leave these times with friends feeling so thankful for such an amazing group of friends that I get to “do life” with and who love me and my little family, we are truly blessed!


For those who have heard Sammy talk about his friend known as “big kid Addy”, here she is above with her little sister


Anna is so big now, isn’t she just precious??


Daniel was very insistent that he take a picture with this “far-twuck”




Above are Daniel and David and below is their new baby brother Reagan, isn’t he a doll? Such a sweetie




Annie was a big hit, all the little girlies love her!!


The 3 amigos! Here is Sammy with Daniel and Julia, it has been so fun to watch them grow up together. We even have a picture of our pregnant bellies together at our 3way baby shower. Daniel was first, then 4 weeks later came Sammy, then 4 weeks later Julia arrived.


This is one of our park trips, I was trying to capture big kid Luke climbing and sliding but he was just too fast for me!


Picnic lunch turned into swap till you drop, ha ha. Sammy wanted to eat some of everyone else’s lunch but none of his own. I think he ate maybe 3 bites of his own lunch and everything else was provided by other mommies.. thank you!



Sammy sure loves to play with “my buddy Nic-la”, he and Nicolae are so cute to watch. Their little conversations crack me up, so serious and here they are playing soccer together below! Such big boys now!



We sure love us some Tilleys (the 3 girls in the picture) and he asks every play date if “Tiw-wey gwirls play wiff me”