Friday, January 15, 2010

I a big boy-eee now!

The above title is a phrase we are hearing on a daily basis around our house. We have had a few changes with the new year and as I have said before, all signs of my baby are diminishing faster than I can process it and he is just maturing each day. He is such a little boy these days! I know I should be happy that he is developing and growing but it is so hard to let those baby days go. He used to be the snuggliest little thing always wanting to cuddle and rock with me but now he is just too busy for such things so on the rare occasions when he does ask to "rock wifth you mommy" I cherish it! He likes to read stories to US now and he loves to take care of us. He pats our backs and rubs our arms and he really likes to brush my hair for me. Our 2 biggest changes are that we converted his crib to the toddler bed and we have begun the adventures of potty training!! So far the crib conversion has been a dream, he has yet to get out of it and wander and I am ever so thankful for that. I chalk this up to all the nights of "practice" he has had in staying on the air matress at his grandparents' houses. Who knew it would help us in the long run?

Potty training has been interesting for sure! After a few days of pullups I decided those seem to be more of a crutch as he would go in them just like his diapers and not seem to mind in the least. So, we started doing cloth training pants at home and it has made all the difference! He goes pee pee in the potty a lot now but he still doesn't recognize his own urge to go. So if I wait too long to make him sit on his potty, he goes in his pants. I know we will get there eventually so we are just being as patient as we can be and trying not to rush him. I enjoy the "sitting & waiting" time while he is on the potty, it is a chance to have some very serious and silly conversations with him while I have his full attention. He cracks me up! This morning he told me he dreamed he was feeding "ABC sandwiches" (no I don't know what those are) to a donkey, cow, monkey and an elephant in his dream but the elephant had to go to time out and it made Sammy feel very sad. As he was telling me he made himself tear up and he started crying and I had to give him a big hug and wipe his tears and remind him it was just a dream ALL WITHOUT LAUGHING!

Lastly, our mystery of the so called electricity problem I thought we were having is solved. Our lights had been mysteriously turning on and off when neither Sam nor I had touched them but lo and behold, it was just Sammy! That sneaky thing was taking our feather duster out of the coat closet and using it to reach the light switch and then apparently putting the duster right back where he got it!??? I caught him red handed the other day and he just giggled and laughed at himself, he thought he was so clever! ugh! If this is a glimpse into the teen years.. I am very very scared.

We took Sammy to the candy shop to pick out his "rewards" to encourage through potty training. He was on cloud 9!

As much as it kills me to give him candy, I gotta say it is working so much better than the stickers!!

I just loved this, him with chocolate on his face helping daddy drill.. I posted a video below where I asked him if he had eaten a cookie and he quickly lied and said no!

First night in his big boy-eee bed!! He was VERY excited!!
And I know this is prob just wrong to put pics of him in his little undies but I couldn't resist! He cracked us up in his training pants. This was the first time he wore then and he was so excited he sprinted up and down our hallway for ... 18 min!!!! Just running! He was out of breath by the end and could barely say "big boy unna-wear" anymore, bless his little heart!

Ha! He threw on his cowboy hat and did a little dance... but he was off again before I could get good pics =(
Had to rest from all the running and snuggle with Woofie, his favorite stuffed animal

This is him on the potty holding his 2 fingers up to tell you he is "TWO"!!
Very exciting Veggie Tale book to keep him busy while he waited

Hannah is a great motivator.. she read to him and then said, "Sammy will you please pee pee now so we can finally go to the park?" he simply said "ok I twy (try) Hannah" then he closed his eyes and peed, just like that!!! So I decided they BOTH should get a treat since it was great team work!
Here they are with their suckers, these are supposed to be reserved for the ever so difficult poos in the potty but apparently I'm the real sucker b/c they totally talked me into it!!

Caught in the act!!! Gotchya you sneaky little boy!!

Video of Sammy lying about eating an oreo: