Monday, August 2, 2010

Fourth of July

So I am playing around with the auto posting feature in windows live writer to get the hang of it. Who knows when this will actually post but I won’t learn until I try, right? =) Look at me getting all fancy with my blogging skillz.

We had a great 4th of July up in OP with friends and fam. The McCarver fam invited us for a good ol’ fashioned cookout during the day and we met up with Linda, Patrick and sweet Caitlin for fireworks that night. So much fun!

Fireworks under the bridge with Sarah & Brennan

DSC00215 DSC00219

Sweet hugs for Grammy who kept him safe DSC00222

I lost track of Sammy for a few min at the cookout. Look who I found just about to put his finger into the icing on a cupcake…


What.. you don’t eat your cupcakes with a bucket-o-berries too?


He would have been so excited if only he had been awake to see it….


Me and Linda Kaye doing our mommy thang…


The kiddos all ready for the big night, can’t you tell?


Love the amount of confusion on Sammy’s face right after he woke up to find himself surrounded by bounce houses, farm animals, and hundreds of people.. his words were “what happened me? Where I go mommy?


Gilfriend was ready to PART-AY! Look at her! She loved all of the excitement


We took Sammy back up to see the fire trucks after he woke up and one of Mr. Swartz’s guys let him “drive” it aka sit on the seat

DSC00251 DSC00253 DSC00254 DSC00255

Watching the display!


Yep, I totally LOVED the fact that even with fireworks going on my Caitlin bug only had eyes for… you guessed it ME! She wanted me to hold her the whole time and with every sniff of her sweet baby head my uterus skipped a beat. Too much info? Yea I kinda thought so. Sorry. Isn’t she just a doll?? Big beautiful eyes like her Mamma and as sweet as pie!