Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wuv You Pumpkin!

First of all.... Does anyone know if Julie had the baby??? I am on pins and needles over here!!!!

To say that Sammy has been obsessed with pumpkins in an understatement.... he has pumpkins on the brain at all times. He asks every day to go to the "punkin putch peese mommy" (pumpkin patch please) as soon as we pick him up. He even said "bye, wuv you pumpkin!" to my mom when they hung up the phone one night. Needless to say we have been to the pumpkin patch several times!!

I love the first one b/c he always hugs and kisses the really big pumpkins and says "wuv you happy punkin" ~ que liendo!

Visit with Hannah and her oldest sister Krista:

kissing the scarecrows

loves the bounce house!!

I still don't get the pumpkin on the head thing but they were all about it so I got into it too!

Fall Festival at Pumpkin Patch:

Waiting for the helicopter to land, Sammy was saying "go aqui" (go here) while he waved to it in the sky

I think he was being a pumpkin here, he said "mammy punkin" (Mammy is how he says Sammy)
First ever cotton candy, he was a big fan =) Loved the snowcone too but cotton candy was his fav

Pumpkin Patch with Playgroup:

Yes, that is his fav blue tonka truck he is clutching, it goes EVERYWHERE with us and we had a disaster on our hands when he began asking/crying for it and it left at Papi & Mimi's house. Not a fun few days

This is one of Sammy's best buddies Nicolae, we've been back a few times since this and EVERY time Sammy says, "Oh no, whrs Nica??" then he yells "Nica!!!" all over the place b/c I guess he remembers they played there together
There were I think 8 or 9 kids total but this was the best group pic we could is so much harder with everyone being so mobile now!! =)
He LOVED the tractor!
Katie and Lukester on the hayride with us, Luke was adorable, he giggled almost the whole time as it bounced us around~ such a cutie pie!
Amy and her boys having "fun", ok really it is Amy and one of her boys having fun and one not so much. She was determined to have a good time and I loved it! =)
Bounce house with the Borges, Sammy loves David, he is a year older so he is super cool in Sammy's eyes
All 3 bouncing together
Sweet little Daniel one of Sammy's other best buddies (they are a month apart!), Sammy always gets right in Daniel's face to tell him things and Daniel is so great about it (thankfully!) I always think of that cute pic I have from when Sammy was two weeks old and Daniel was almost 2 months old and they are all leaned on top of each other on our couch. So cute that they love to play now!
I told Sammy he was in a Borge sandwich but I think I confused him..... Oh well, I thought it was funny!