Thursday, August 27, 2009

Super fun bday!

I had a fabulous 30th bday! It was just so wondeful thanks to my amazing husband and my family and friends. When I came downstairs the morning of it, I came down to this site...they had cards waiting for me sitting infront of stairs..

Sammy blowing the noise maker in his own special way, ignore the part where he gets mad he got hurt and throws it and focus on the cute part. =)..

Plus tons of streamers and several balloons and bday tablecloth on the table. Sam just went all out. It was so festive and really made it feel like my bday! Sammy was beyond excited at all the decorations. We had a great day, the three of us just hung out and played and NAPPED! I actually got to take a nap when Sammy did, it was just the best. I woke up to Sam telling me I had to get ready b/c he had a suprise planned at 6pm. He didn't tell me where we were going or how to dress but I must say.. it was fun not knowing what was going on but a little hard for a planner like me. Did I need a jacket, what if it got cold? Could I wear heals or did I need sneaks? What should Sammy wear, play or dressier clothes? Did I need to pack food/snacks for him or would they be provided?? He gave me no hints & off we went. I was pleasantly surprised when we pulled up infront of Las Margaritas, my fav Mexican joint in town. It is cheap and delicious! I was even MORE Suprised when I told them I need a table for 2 and a high chair and the hostess asked if I was Teri and that they had a table for me and pointed to the back. I looked back and there were some of my friends waving and yelling "Suprise!!! Happy Bday!!!"! Yay! He had asked some of my friends from my program to come and join us, so sweet!

We headed back to Kim and Chris's new house after dinner for birthday cake. They literally JUST moved in so Sammy LOVES their house b/c lots of room to run and DANCE! The first time we went they literally only had the ipod docking station and Sammy danced the night away. This time they had a few more things moved in, including the largest teddy bear in the history of the world. Sammy's sugar rush following his cake was too funny. I included some videos for you.

As if all of this wasn't enough, my family and friends in Jax had a party for me the weekend following my bday at Aunt Sandra's house, it was so great. Really perfect! I appreciate all the hard work that went into the decorating, it was a lua theme and there were TONS of decorations thanks to Cindy. I just truly enjoyed having my family and close friends there to hang out and be with. Joe and Gloria even drove up from Gainesville! I wish it could've lasted forever. I just don't get to spend enough time with all those I love there so I really really cherished that time. The pics from that party are still on my camera but will post some up soon.

Here are some pics/video from Las Margaritas

Molly, Mike, & Jane
Kim, one of my VEGETARIAN friends eating meat..... I couldn't believe my eyes and had to grab a pic
The mariache band sang Happy Birthday to me and then sang "Un Elephante" for Sammy~ his second fav spanish kids song, its about couting elephants, he was so happy!

Veija! No idea if that is how you spell it in spanish but means old lady!
We were making 30's with our hands, didn't come out quite the way we planned. Love my micro sized hat too.
Happy Birthday!
I take making a wish and blowing out the candles VERY seriously.
Sammy helping Kim put her hat on
The sugar rush begins!
He loved that they had an air matress in the living room and were ok with him jumping on it. He thinks "MMMM" and "Kiss" are the coolest. They let him get way with things that Mommy and Daddy don't. =)