Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fun times!

Such a fun weekend! Labor Day weekend started with a super fun playdate at Katie's house on Friday. Sammy brought his little buddy Samuel, his mom Nathalia, and of course Gloria with him and he was one happy camper! Gloria had so much fun. She taught the older kids Spanish and enjoyed meeting my friends. I am always amazed that wherever we go kids flock to her, regardless if they understand Spanish. She is just a kid magnent and loves every moment with them and them with her. I think Sammy's most difficult transition to preschool even above the nap issue has been not seeing Gloria as much. We still see her each day after school but he asks about her much more often and cries for her at the door and window, just too sweet.

Saturday was spent with my CoCo. Cody came to visit us and it was SOOO great to hang out together again. We just sat on the couch and caught up with each other while Sammy napped and then we met up with some in my Sunday School class for our first ever tailgating expereince. We both had no clue what to expect but we dawned our gator apparell, packed our meat and cooler and off we went. Sammy loved running around and playing with his buddies, he did his gator chomp several time. Once the game started we left and visited Sam at his post for a while, he worked the game as part of his reserve duty. He had a funny incident with Tim Tebow's bro you'll have to ask him about sometime. =) My favorite part was after the game when everyone in Gville was partying it up, Cody and I came back to the house put Sammy to bed then ordered some pizza hut and watched Parent Trap on the Disney Channel, keeping it real! Just like old times. It was so great to be together for such an extended period of time Cody, I love you! More of those times coming soon!!!

Here are Friday and Sat in pictures....

11 kids all in one spot, wow! Are we good or what??
The tinest buddies there, chatting it up
Gloria playing with the kiddos
Samuel seemed to really enjoy his first playdate! We sure hope he comes back and joins the gang
Just taking it easy
Sammy has always LOVED Luke's swing.. columpio!
Nicolae or as Sammy calls him "Nick a"
And after the playdate Amy showed me how to do our own haircuts at home! Acutally she did such a great job that I think I will just make her Sammy's official hair stylest! =) He barely even cried, it was his best ever experience. Thanks again Amy!

Nicolae went first and showed Sammy the ropes, he did great!
Then was Sammy's turn, he was pretty scared of the buzzing but skittles helped a lot!
The boys got their hair did.. check out their new dos!

GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!
Checking things out with Coco
Me and my little gator
Fun Fun!