Saturday, February 13, 2010

A special note to you from Hannah!

Hello everyone~
This is Teri, I was showing Hannah the Big Brothers Big Sisters video I posted on my blog~ she loved it. She had never seen my blog before and loved seeing the pics of herself. She asked if she could write on it and I thought well why in the world not? So.. with no further ado, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls..I proudly present my little.. the one... the only... MISS>... HANNAH>> BANANNA>>>

Hi my name is Hannah. I am 8 years old and so is my brother Mark. My sister Krista is 11 years old and my other sister Samantha is 10 years old and I love all of them very much. I love my big sister very much. and she is the best big sister ever. and I love her very much again. She is my family. We have fun everyday. Today we made cookies for Valentines day that spell love and th for Teri and Hannah and ss for Sam and Sammy. Sammy eated a bite of one when he was not sposed to. I love my grandma very much too and I love everyebody in my family. One day my grandpa died. and I miss him very much. it makes me sad and mad. Me and Teri are going to have a special day we do a suprise for grandpas memory and on our special tree at the park one day here. It is big and we read there. Hi aunt gayle and uncle richard and everybody in Teri family and oh yes Aunt Gayle tell everybody I said hi. Hi julie and Brian I miss you and I love you all very much. I hope you like your new home. Love Hannah,

PS. I love you all everybody in the whole world and I pray for you sometimes when I remember and am not to tired. I am tired now while I am doing this bet everyday I am not tired just sometimes. I have to go to bed right now. I am having a sleepover at Teri,s house for church.

Goodnight dont let bed bugs bight.