Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Little Friends....

In the spirit of true procrastination ( I should be working right now) I thought I would also put a few pics from Julia's first birthday party. Julia is one of the 3 amigos... her mom Deborah was preggers with Julie & me and we were each 4 weeks apart. So, Daniel was born first, then Sammy a month later, then Julia a month after him. It has been fun having them to go through pregnancy and this first year with. Our Sunday School class is really unique b/c for 3 years now we have had pregnancies in groups of 3, so 3 per year. Anyway, Julia was just adorable, she was passed out asleep but still eating while she slept when we arrived, it was just so funny! She had a very cute Care Bear top hat to wear for her special day, loved it! Sammy has so much fun seeing and playing with his little friends. Here are some pics from the park.. little baby Luke was there too all bundled up and David was there but he was way too fast for me to catch on film!

We were "Those" customers

We had such a great weekend! Very busy but lots of fun. Sammy's little friend Julia turned 1 so we went to her birthday party. It was so cute to see him and all his little friends, after that we met up with Sam and played outside but then as it got pretty cold we decided to head on over to Toys R Us and play inside. They prob frown on people doing that but we had a blast! Sammy rode in a nice big wagon and loved it, he found a rocking horse that he was VERY unhappy about leaving, Sam pushed him in a fancy electric car, he played with Elmo, found some cool chairs to try out, and read some books. We did bring some quarters with us so we were paying customers.. we let him ride on the little coin rides at the front of the store and he had so much fun! He looked so big sitting in there and using the steering wheel! Funniest part of the evening was when we went to Publix and he got his free balloon. He clung to it the rest of the night and even took his bath with it and took it with him to Gloria's this morning. So funny!
The Guatemala meeting went super well. This was the informational meeting and Kelly who is leading the trip this year did an excellent job. She said that we have a lot of people signed up who are interested so we will just wait now and see who turns in the applications. It is so very exciting to see how God stirs the hearts of people for those kids at Casa. It really is amazing when you think back on their history and how they got started. I am just so thankful He allows us to be a part of it! Sam and I can't wait to go back, we miss those kids and think about them each day.

We Finally Flipped....

Sammy! That is now that he is 1 we turned him around from the rear facing position in his carseat to the front facing. Mom, I know you are so happy we FINALLY turned him around and he can finally see out of the dashboard. She said she was worried we would drive up to kindergarten with him facing backwards. This car ride was just too funny, what an experience! We unfortunately didn't realize what a big deal this was to him so we didn't catch those first few moments on video but we did get some of it once the car got going. He cracked us up.. he was a good combination of stunned, confused, amazed, and humored all at once. It was classic Sammy, and we laughed the entire way to the park and all the way home. For those of you who are around him regularly and know his most used word... "this", well you can only imagine how much he said it on this car ride. At the end of the second one he gets very into his monkey shoes so just ignore that, sorry. Here are the videos!