Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sammy's first Halloween!

Thought I would put a few pics of Sammy's first Halloween up, we had so much fun with him. I couldn't help thinking back to the previous year when I was oh so pregnant and waddling around sooo uncomfortable and all I could think was puh-lease stay in until at least midnight, I really didn't want him to be born on Halloween.. although his cousin Cole sure did, he thought it would be cool to share a bday with baby Sammy (Happy Birthday Cole! We love you!). Now just a year later we had the cutest little lion ever to share the night with. We drove up to Jax that morning since his bday party was the following day. We decided to take him to the fall festival at Debbie's church and it was such a fun time. They really had a nice set up, Sammy went in a bounce house made just for preschoolers, it was a miniture one and he LOVED it! His Grandaddy helped him learn to jump in it- thanks Richard! At first he just slid on the slide some (with assistance of course) and then he got very brave and crawled in. He crawled right over to the wall and pulled himself up and started to bounce, he giggled and just had a blast!
He of course loved the loud music and danced most of the night but he also enjoyed the scarecrows and a little digging game b/c he could push the red wagon around. My favorite part was when he got to see horses for the first time! We decided not to go on the hayride b/c it was getting pretty late and he was oh so tired but he got to pet one and talked with her. It was so cool. Once they trotted away and everyone in the wagon waved to him he squealed and kicked, so cute! I think his fav part of the evening though was that his Aunt Cindy suprised him and was waiting back at mom's for him. He LOVES to hang with her so they had fun tickling and playing with the dogs. He really liked Cindy's lighted up pony tail, pretty fancy. Gigi (Cindy's dog) & Pixie (mom's dog.. that is not a misprint, MY MOM has a dog now and no... the world has not stopped spinning yet!) had costumes on! Our poor little Franklyn was naked.. hey we were doing good just to have the baby dressed up! Here is a scrapbook I made with some of the pics, the others are on our Shutterfly page, the link is you can click directly on it (no password needed) and view our favorites. I am going to upload albums from my pictures on my computer so they will all be stored in one spot. This is not only b/c I would like for everyone to see them (proud mamma, I know) but also b/c I am so paranoid something will happen to them! Will be nice to know they are safely stored online too. Well thanks again for reading about our little fam as we embark on this new blogging thing.. haha!

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