Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First Haircut!!

                      Check out his new do! So big!

Exhibit A: 12 mos
 That's right, we finally did it! It is crazy how fast our little bald baby grew hair over the last few months. For example, the first pic is when he was 12 mos, he barely had any (see exhibit A). Then, fast forward 4 months and his hair was so long and wild it had started to do this Elvis thing where it curled up in a giant wave on top, he seriously looked like a kid from the 50's (see exhibit B). 

 Exhibit B: 16 mos
Anyway, it was time and so Sam's parents came and we took Sammy to Geoff's mom who cuts Sam's hair and she was just so sweet and great, she even refused to let us pay for it! She said it was her pleasure We had Sam sit and she trimmed a little on his head to show Sammy what would happen then he sat on the ducky seat they had (it was kinda creepy looking) and was so brave. He was a little unsure of things, even "Conchita" his donkey Janet brought him from Columbia didn't help. He was so brave all the way to the very last bit when finally his bottom lip quivered so she finished his haircut with Sam holding Sammy. The grandparents were too cute- video taped every moment of it, I love it!   

I love this pic, Sam was congratulating Sammy on being brave and still for her and tossed him in the air, so sweet!

                He did it! They were so proud of him!
           Well, apparently the Elvis thing is here to stay??