Friday, July 6, 2012

It’s a BOY!


Dylan 1

For those who don’t know yet, we are expecting baby #2 in just about 3 months!!!! He is due on Sammy’s due date, October 27. We are really hoping he will come early and if not that he will choose ANY other day than Nov 3 to make his grand appearance, I want them to have their own special bdays and not have to share. We have also been asked about our adoption plans and yes we are still VERY excited to adopt but it will be in a couple of years when this little guy is around two or so. We have decided to name him….. (drumroll please!..) Dylan Thomas DeLucca. Dylan is just a precious name and just about the only one we could agree on. Thomas is not after the poet but rather we wanted to honor my uncle Tom who has been such a big part of my life growing up.

Little Dylan’s arrival is eagerly anticipated! I had a mild moment of anxiety as I typed that we only have about 3 months left because I have NOTHING ready for this one. Really regretting not keeping more of Sammy’s stuff now, especially since the seasons would have been perfect. Dylan already has a little nickname for himself, courtesy of his big brother. Sammy had been calling him “Baby Quesadilla” and it just kinda stuck. Now that we have decided on Dylan, Sammy calls him Dylan Quesadilla. He is so sweet with Dylan already. He will pause from playing with his friends and run over to my belly and say “hold on, I have to kiss my brother” and then he gives my belly a quick kiss and is off to play. He also prays EVERY single night for Dylan.

Cutest brother moment yet- I was lying on couch and Sammy said he needed to tell his brother a secret. He came over, lifted my shirt up and got positioned directly over my belly button and whispered “ I really wish you would come out already. I love you so much”. My preggo hormones were raging and of course my eyes got teary!

Dylan 3Dylan 2

How we found out~

The above picture of the sticks brings back such funny memories! We were not expecting this little one quite yet and so it was a bit of a shock. I guess God agreed with everyone else that we were waiting just a little too long for number 2. We were thinking a spring baby would have been perfect but look what we discovered!

I had been feeling SO tired and worn out and had had another symptom, ladies you probably know what I am referring too. The only other time I felt that was the day I found out I was pregnant with Sammy so I thought, oh no, better get a test. I didn’t tell Sam, I just took it alone because I KNEW I wasn’t really preggers. Well the first stick I peed on turned out to be a free ovulation kit that came in the box, go figure! So, I had to go drink up and wait a little longer. I could not believe my eyes when within a few seconds of peeing on that second stick it read positive. So I figured it was a fluke and I took a second. It was also positive.

I went to the family room, told Sam I needed him to come to the bedroom alone and put on a show for Sammy. Sam came VERY EAGERLY and was already taking his shirt off, expecting to do the thing that made our sons in the first place! ha ha! Poor Sam. I told him no, it wasn’t that but I had something to tell him. Then I got all weird. I remember my face was hot and I couldn’t think of what to say and I must have sat down and got up off the bed about 4 times before Sam said I was freaking him out and to just tell him. So I spit it out and waited. His response? “No”. “No you’re not its wrong. Don’t worry, you are not pregnant. Ok?” “Don’t worry”. Then he left the room! ???

I was a little stunned, confused, not sure what to do. So, I followed him, told him to look at the tests on the sink, and he went in and came out. “They are wrong, you’re not. I don’t want to talk about it.” Ok. This wasn’t going well. You have to remember, at this point in time Sam was still living in Gainesville, away from Sammy and me, and we still hadn’t sold our Gainesville house. So, timing was a little off. We decided to go buy more tests and I took a total of 3 more. One immediately, then Sam decided there was something wrong with my urine and we should wait until that night to try, again, you know once my system had been flushed out of course. I waited, took it again at 9 that night, STILL Positive (DUH SAM). He then WOKE ME UP the next morning at like 6 am to tell me to take another one. FINALLY, after that last one, he agreed. Yes, I WAS pregnant. It took him a few days to process it all but he then became SUPER EXCITED, and God has provided. Shortly after this Sam got an offer for his job here in St. Johns County and he moved up with us. We are closing on our house in Gainesville in 3 days! God is good.. ALL THE TIME. Even when his plans are slightly different than ours!

Dylan 6

The grandparents all came to the appointment to determine the gender of the baby, so special! Sammy had been requesting a boy, so he was OVER THE MOON happy to have a brother. His names he chose for a brother were “Brady McQueen” and if it was a girl “Sophia”. Love his creativity.

Dylan 5

We bought this little outfit immediately following the appointment. I was feeling slightly panic-y about having two boys, thankfully my cousin Sherry called at just the right time and gave me an awesome pep talk.

Dylan 4

Dylan 7

This last pic is our little Dylan praying. =) I got to have a free 4 D ultrasound and this was our favorite pic. It amazes me how much he looks like Sammy when Sammy was a newborn.