Friday, March 20, 2009

Bowl for Kids Sake 09

Me & Hannah Banana at BFKS 09

Hannah after her strike!!! She was excstatic!!

We had so much fun at this year's Bowl for Kids Sake. This is an event that our Big Brother Big Sister Program does to raise funds. Many from the community come and bowl and us matches get to go and bowl for free! In the past they have only had pizza but this year was soo great, they had pizza for the kids and David's BBQ catered for the adults, yummy! Several of the Florida football players were there and of course Ali & Albert, our gator mascots. The Flores Kids had so much fun with Ali, Hannah told her 4 secrets and Ali blew her kisses and hugged her so many times. Hannah was all smiles. She was VERY shy around the football players and wouldn't go meet them until the very end. Samantha and Mark ended up becoming best friends with a few of them though, the guys were so great with them, so sweet and really took interest in getting to know them. Mark said he is going to drink all of his milk to be big like them.
Our big news of the day was that my little Banana got a strike!!!!!!!! I was so proud of her! Apparently bowling on the Wii really does improve your actual bowling game b/c she sure was better than last time we bowled and I was just so proud of her. I sure didn't get a strike, far from it! Overall it was a great day. We had a few meltdowns towards the end but they were so tired and overstimulated it was to be expected. Here are a few pics for ya!

Krsiten (Samantha's Big) with Hannah & Sammy

Krista and Sammy being silly girls

Cheezin it!

Gator Girls!! Go Gators!

Mark & Sammy with some other BBBS kids and a few UF players

Have to love this pic b/c of the moment. So funny. This was right before we left b/c each of the 4 kids were having meltdowns. Hannah had just gotten over hers, Mark was on floor mad, Krista wouldn't even join her big, Wendy (in the black shirt) for the pic, and check out Sammy's expression, if looks could kill, right? She was NOT a happy camper and was very mad at me here. Anyway, is funny in hindsight so had to put it up!
Like I said.. all in all we had a blast, can't wait for next year's.. I will get a strike!
I love these kids!