Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our new addition......

We proudly announce the newest member of the DeLucca Fam! He is soft and cuddly and loves to snuggle and best of all.. he is green! Meet "Ribbit Kyra DeLucca"!!

Sammy's Aunt Edith sent him $20 in the mail to do something fun with and so we decided we would take him to Build a Bear workshop and let him pick out a bear. He really wanted Frosty the snowman but we thankfully talked him out of it and instead of a bear or dog like we predicted he picked a froggy! I wish I would have had my camera to take pics of him "making" it. He was just in awe. Total amazement. He pumped his little foot on the pedal and then hugged it to be sure it was soft enough. He picked out the froggy's heart with care and rubbed it in his hands before putting it inside and he even picked out a little sound box that makes a Ribbit sound. He barely spoke a word the entire time, he just stood with his mouth gaping open and wide eyes with raised eyebrows but man.. the moment we left the store, woa have mercy! Sam and I both just kneeled down on his level in the middle of the mall and he told us all about how "Sammy made it all by self and he did a weally good job and was a good boy!". We asked him what he wanted to name his froggy and he thought for a while and proudly declared.. "KYRA!!"(she is the other little one Gloria watched and now they are in the same class. Everyday we hear about Kyra this and Kyra that. They are too cute. She still calls him Samuelito when all the rest of the class calls him Sammy). Anyway, we explained that it needs its own special name since Kyra is taken so he thought again and said "RIBBIT!" so Ribbit it was!

Ribbit has become such a part of our daily lives that I thought he needed his own post well that and I am delirious from all my stats homework. Sammy talked to him the whole way home, showing him "ambwences and fartrucks" that passed us and he was beside himself with excitement when he brought Ribbit into our house as he literally jumped all around the house clapping and spinning in circles. He introduced Ribbit to his trains and even shared his special little red chair with Ribbit. We had to go straight to Joe and Gloria's so he could show them how he "made it Wibbit so special". Ribbit has had bedtime stories and watched Sammy's bathtime and even has been going to school with Sammy as his lovey for naptime. Tonight as I tucked them both into bed I had to kiss both of their heads. =) I think it is funny that he tells us Ribbit's "ribbit" sound box is actually his heart beating rather than him saying ribbit. Hey, I pick my battles, he can go on thinking it is his little heart beat, no prob.

Thank you Aunt Edith!!!

I also couldn't resit posting MY new love...it has been SO LONG since I've had a new pair of pretty shoes... aren't they just gorgeous???? These were a Christmas gift from mom, thanks again Mom! They have actually been kept right beside our TV so that Sam can watch the TV and I can watch my shoes since I'm not big on TV. It has brought me much joy. Yes I should read a book instead but oh, look at them!!!