Friday, September 18, 2009

A fun reunion!

We had the best timing visiting with my cousins who came down from TN a couple weekends ago. As crazy as it is to write this Connor Allen Vest turned 13 and Little Miss Julz turned 12 and so they came down to go to St. Augustine for Connor's bday and to spend some good family time. Sammy hadn't seen them since he was about 6 months old so he just fully enjoyed playing with all the big kids. He was slightly confused at first b/c I think in his mind he thought we were referring to his little buddy Connor Shirey but I remember distinctly when it finally clicked for him b/c it was so funny. He came over to me and pointed to big Connor and said "Nonor no choo choo Nonor?" Ever since we visited Lakeland he associates Connor Shirey with choo choos b/c of his cool train table Sammy loved, too funny!

Anyway, once the confusion was clarified Sammy had the time of his life! He was the center of Sarah and Shelby's attention and he just ate it up. They were so sweet with him and did just about anything they could to make him laugh. They even attempted to teach him how to make fishy faces but sadly he never quite "got it" and now just squeezes his hands to the side of his head by his ears really hard and squints his eyes and says "Shelby, Sarah!". Maybe next time you can give him a refresher girls. =)

I had so much fun visiting with Karen, Sherry, and Debbie. Even though I technically grew up as an only child my cousins were like big sisters to me since I was always at their house. It was just so fun to sit and chat and I just wish we could have had more time. It really made me wish that we could all live closer to each other. How great would that be?? Sammy could grow up with his cousins and see them regularly and I could hang out and chat with them anytime we wanted. Now Cindy is even moving up there so they will literally ALL be in TN (I am hopeful it will workout Debbie). Something to think about anyway.

with Cole & Sarah
Sammy thought Sarah was just so much fun!
Can you believe how big Connor is now??? Shocking. I just can't get over it.
Shelby taking Sammy for ride
I caught the two oldest bday kids in here scheming up a plan... little did I know it would involve me and a 5 hour trip to the mall.
Checking out Richard's new truck!! Fancy!!!
The men-folk doing their men-folk thing
The women-folk doing their women-folk thing, lol. Loved the difference so had to post!
Sammy loved having everyone drive him around, he was a trooper. I got scared when they turned and went up bumps but he just squealed with delight!
racing trucks with Connor and Sarah
Shelby worked very hard to paint her "Fragile" piggy bank from Aunt Cindy
The gang
He he he,.. had to make fun of myself. I borrowed some of Aunt Sandra's hot mamma shorts. They came up above my belly button and were super stylish. =)