Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We LOVE summertime!

We have been loving the summer and have spent so much time outdoors and in the water that my little white boy is now rather brown. I am so glad we got to enjoy some summer fun with Hannah and the kids before they left. We packed in a lot of swimming time and outdoor fun and made some sweet memories. I thought I would share a few pictures and a funny video of Hannah and Sammy eating ginormous slices of watermelon.

Also..Krista’s surgery went extremely well, they removed the entire tumor and we are now waiting on results from the biopsy. She was so very brave and calm through it all and was already up and walking around and back to her bubbly self when we visited that night. Thank you for all of your prayers for her!


The two best flavors in the world.. Check it out. “SAMMY STRAWBERRY” and “HANNA BANANA” Hannah was over the moon excited when she saw this while we were grocery shopping in Publix and even with the high price tag, I was suckered into buying it for them. As you can see below, they loved them


we all planted some pentas in the front bed and they really had a great time working on them


When our friends with pools were unavailable we busted out Sammy’s old baby pool and our good ol’ Elmo sprinkler and fun was had by all!

DSC04955  DSC04963

Mark was a great sport about Sammy spraying him

DSC04966 DSC04969

Check out little man with his bubbles on his face and his silly way of holding the water hose with his belt buckles- ignore Sammy and Hannah fighting in the background.

I miss you little Marky!!!!


Mark taught Sammy how to spray our hose .. thanks a lot.


He was too sweet to actually follow through with spraying me, thankfully!


Silly supper moments…. I love the one below

DSC05276 DSC05280 DSC05282 DSC05291