Monday, June 14, 2010

Watermelon Festival



We headed over to the annual Watermelon Festival out in Newberry with my friend and resident supermom, Julie. Julie is supermom all the way because she braved the hot sticky chaotic festival with her 3 small boys. She has a 4 year old, 2 1/2 year old, and a baby! We all had a fun time, there was endless free slices of watermelon and Sammy all but mastered the art of spitting out the seeds (a must for all southerners). The kids had a great time riding the rides and if it hadn’t been for the unbearable heat & humidity I think it would have been a perfect day.

We met up with some of Hannah’s family and Sammy loved riding the rollercoaster with Krista (who was so protective of him) and playing with “the cousins” as he calls the twins because he still can’t tell them apart.


The boys LOVED running and throwing their rinds in the truck, check out the air on David’s


Waiting in line with tickets in hand, I LOVE this pic of David, standing just like his daddy

DSC04904 DSC04910

Supermom Julie on the scary scary ferris wheel!


Sammy and I are somewhere up on top, I was praying b/c it felt a little too rickety for my likes and I just wanted us to make it down safely


See the little orange hat beside Krista, that is my big boy going on the rollercoaster!


Anna & Alejandra were too cute!

DSC04923 DSC04924

Krista went on the crazy cage ride and screamed the ENTIRE time


Our gang stopping for watermelon break


This is about where Sammy started melting down in a BIG way….


Oh wow.. it was past time to head home and I paid for those extra few min we stayed !

 DSC04935  DSC04944

I LOVE this pic of Daniel chomping down on his melon!


Rubbing Sammy’s aching foot… so tired of those

DSC04946 DSC04951 May 015

Here is where I almost lost all my watermelon! That merry go ride made me so sick, I swear they make them faster these days b/c I simply refuse to be that old