Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sweet little bundle of joy.. Isaac Scott!(and……No I DID NOT FAINT!)

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Most of you reading this probably know that my friend Andrea had her baby, Isaac Scott and I just had to share a few pics of him and a little about the experience. I was in the delivery room with her!!! Yep, that’s right.. you are on the correct blog and this is not a typo.. I helped her through the birth process! I am still so honored that she asked me to be there and help and that I was able to be a part of it all. Isaac’s birth was just one of the most amazing things I have ever been a part of, seriously. There is no way I could write the details better than Andrea did herself on her blog, so please click and read here (click on the red word here) for a “he said she said” account where she and her husband Scott told the birth experience from their sides of the story. Scott is hilarious by the way, too funny.


Andrea, God bless her, had both of her boys naturally with no meds and she was so strong through the entire process and I don’t just mean physically. Yes I was amazed by her physical and mental strength to overcome the pain and exhaustion but what amazed me most was her dependence on her Savior to see her through. When she asked me to come & and help her she said she wanted me to be there to encourage her and keep her focused on God during the delivery, to pray with her and read her scriptures. Well I wasn’t too sure if I could keep from fainting through it all but I KNEW I could pray with her and keep her focused on God, that would be a job I could handle! Let me just say, what an experience it was! We could without a doubt feel His presence in the room with us, it was amazing. We began with a prayer and boy did my Jesus answer our prayers! He outdid himself. I remember one thing I asked for when the prayer was that she would not have to push for very long and later I told Andrea I bet Jesus laughed when I prayed and said.. “let me just show you what I can do”.  Andrea never pushed once! Isaac basically jumped out of her! He answered every single one of our prayers that day. Andrea was so very strong and brave. She was just shining like a star that day for all the world to see her faith. We had a flip book of scriptures that she and I collected before hand and we would recite them together through each contraction and when she got past the point of being able to say them I would read them to her. I know the nurses were either encouraged in their faith as they saw her totally dependent on God through it all OR they thought we were nut jobs and in a cult, but I strongly believe it was the former rather than the latter. It was so amazing to see that in her time of greatest pain and distress she turned to her Savior. There is no doubt for any of us that were in that room, the nurses included that HE was her strength. The entire process was indescribable. I feel like I am doing a terrible job even trying to put it into words because I feel there are not really words that are adequate to describe it. Cheezy you say? Yes, I know, but its the truth.

Our Jesus was also there for me that day, He was also my strength. For those who know me and my fear of needles/blood.. hospital anxiety… know that the word hesitant does not even begin to describe how I felt the day Andrea asked me to be with her during her delivery. Please don’t misinterpret that, I wanted to be there to support my dear friend more than anything in the world and I felt so honored &  humbled that she would ask me but I also had equally strong feelings of not wanting to ruin their special day! I do not have a good track record with blood & needles. The usual pattern is as follows.. I am exposed to OR JUST HEAR A STORY OF blood or needles and BAM! I am on the floor. Yep, that’s right. I am a bonna fide wimp. Heck I am president of the wimp club. I fainted my first time when I was two years old and I have many many stories of fainting ever since. A few highlights were when I fainted in the mall parking lot after getting my ears pierced, fainting as a little girl while my mom was putting my hair in pig tails (she was telling me about her surgery she was going to have and thankfully she held tightly to my right pig tail as I went down), I fainted in the ophthalmologist office during my routine eye exam (I started thinking about what he was really seeing when looking in my eye), oh I could go on and on.

Lots of stories there. Some I don’t care to relive. How did I deliver my own baby you ask? Well, the IV was the worst part! ha ha! No joke, I was more scared of my IV and I freaked out more with the IV than the actual delivery. My nurses got a good laugh out of that one. They actually had to cut one of the newborn baby hats and cover my IV on my arm so I couldn’t see it anymore and viola! My strength came back and I was a ok. My queezy feelings subsided. Smooth sailing from there! I did have drugs though, so didn’t feel the pain of child birth which probably had something to do with it.

So.. you can see why I was a little hesitant. All I could envision before hand was my sweet friend struggling and pushing and needing some encouragement and me lying on the floor, out cold, maybe even drooling. I thought about it before I gave her an answer and prayed long and hard and Philippians 4:13 kept coming to mind and I decided, its not about me, its about HIM so lets do this! I did give her a disclaimer that I am NOT responsible for what happens and advised she couldn’t say I didn’t warn her if I did. Her response was.. “you’ll be fine. I am not even worried.” This let me say, is VERY TYPICAL of my friend Andrea. She has always believed I can do anything I put my mind to and has total faith in me and is one of my “Hur & Aaron”s in life, lifting me up and encouraging me through EVERY trial. We have prayed each other through just about everything and have shared tears of joy, sorrow, and laughed so hard until we almost pee together (was that TMI? probably huh? oh well, sorry). How could I NOT go and help her??

So, I am proud to say I made it through. I did leave the room when they gave her the IV, just in case and I think it was good b/c I avoided any queezy feelings and honestly I was fine through it all. Never even felt a hint of uneasiness and when I saw Isaac’s little head it was just amazing. The blood didn’t matter, the doctors in all their doctor garb, didn’t matter. The medical equipment and fact I was in a hospital room, didn’t matter. What DID matter was that I was meeting face to face this little one whom I had prayed for since the moment he was a thought in his mommy’s head. Months of praying and begging, pleading with God to give him to her, to them, to his amazing family. I remembered getting the call she was in fact pregnant and then my prayers changed to prayers of thankfulness and gratitude and then, more pleading and begging for this to be a healthy & strong pregnancy and then my prayers for Isaac’s life began. Prayers that he would grow up healthy and happy and know he is loved more than words can say. Prayers for his relationship with is mommy & daddy, and his amazing big brother Connor. Prayers that God would put dreams in his heart and give him a kind, soft heart and selfless spirit. Prayers that he will one day accept Jesus Christ as his own savior and grow to be a strong man of God, one who will reach many and touch lives of others. Yes, seeing him and then holding him for that first time, I was just speechless. What a miracle!

Thank you Scott and Andrea for letting me be a part of this amazing day!



Andrea saying goodbye to Connor right before we left to head to the hospital. They had a sweet conversation about how Isaac was going to be born that day.


My amazingly strong friend!


Scott and I were keeping the FB world updated on her progress. I was using his fancy Iphone and he was using my el cheapo phone and needed to wash the cheapness off afterwards, he was not happy I have a picture to document him holding it, ha ha!


So sweet! Meeting their new little one, everyone say… awwwwwwww!!!!


He was NOT happy about being taken out of his warm comfy home to this cold bright room!


We did it!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Birthday Isaac!!!


The new family of FOUR! Look how proud the big bro is.. isn’t he adorable?? I could just eat him up! I love you Connor man!


Ok, so totally not related to Isaac’s birth at all BUT I had to post this one. Connor turned 4 about a week after Isaac was born and check out his new big boy bike!!! He is so big now!