Thursday, July 23, 2009

Let me count the ways

Reason No. 9trillion and twenty million (ok prob could have come up with larger number than that but I have not had my coffee yet) why I love my wonderful husbad.....

I simply adore how he goes all out to show love to the children we host in our home and ensure they have a great super fun time, regardless of how he is feeling

I just fell in love with Sam all over again in one moment last week. We had Hannah and Samantha over and were all just having fun goofing off. The girls had given Sam & Sammy stick-on rhinestone earrings to wear. Sammy was interested until he learned his was not candy (in his defense they resemble candy) and Sam proudly adorned his bright red sparkly earring. He wore it proudly all night and when the girls and I were baking a desert and realized we were 2 eggs short, he ran right out to the store to get eggs. The moment occurred when shortly after his arrival home we were all talking and suddenly Samantha just burst out laughing... "Sam still has his earring on and he went to the store!!" Sam's face in that moment was priceless. He sucked it and and pretended he meant to do it even though you could tell he was embarrassed. Plus, he had also made a trip to our neighbor's house with it on. In that moment being surround by the girls' giggles as they hugged him I realized just how blessed I am to have a husband who fully embraces God's call to minister to kids and thinks of them first when they are in our home. In addition to this event he also dawned a paper bag as his face and danced around for them while they ate, then later shot off a little firework left over from 4th of July for them. Such a fun night.

I love you mi amor! Thanks for all the little things you do that I fail to take the time to mention and recognize.

* I included a video of Samantha at the bottom, she wouldn't eat her carrots and somehow it came down to putting sprinkles on them. I double dog dared her to eat them like that and she did!

Sam & his now infamous red earring.. Gloria acutally asked me the next day "when did Sam get his ear peirced?" HA HA! I love it!

Our dinner entertainment.. shake it honey!
Racing Sammy's car.. the dump truck is the fastest and won every time Richard! Thanks again!
Made me promise to post up their lovely artwork on our porch
Everyone needed a turn with the bag... WHO COULD THIS BE????
It is Samantha Lynn Flores that's who!
Here is our Banana putting on her own show, she made me take a video and when she watched it the girl was laughing so hard, she cracked her self up then said.. "You guys have to send this to funniest videos and get some money, I am just soo funny!" That's Hannah!
Snuggles on the couch!
Blast off!
Samantha's Double Dog Dare

Just had to show how riled up Sammy gets when they are over, he just adores them