Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fun with Papi, Mimi, & Tia

Thought I would share some pics from our trip a couple of weeks ago to St. Augustine. Sammy had an absolute blast visiting Sam's family. He played his little heart out each day and loved all the silly fun!! It is such a joy to watch him make such special memories with them and I am so thankful for the sweet relationship he has with each of them. He adores his Papi and it is very clear Sammy wants to be just like him when he gets big. He watches every little thing his Papi does and then inmates it. He loves his Mimi to pieces and talks about her constantly. I got all teary when I sat with them as she read him his bedtime story. He was all snuggled up with her and she read the story about a mommy/Grammy fox who loves her little fox just they way he is and because of who he is and it was just precious. When we are away from them and he does something he will say "show Mimi Papi" and when he plays on his toy phone he "calls" them and tells them about his "twains". It just shows they are always on his mind. He even sings a little song he made up about their pets, Tinky & Roxy. It goes something like this "Tinky Roxy Tinky Roxy Roxy Tinky Tinky Roxy" ha!

He has so much fun being silly with his "Tia" (Aunt in Spanish) Sarah, he just started calling her that all on her own and it has stuck. She can make him giggle and laugh so hard that he toots! Sorry to be so graphic but it is just too funny! He kisses her picture that we have up in our house and talks about her when he plays soccer like she did. We say that he is going to be a little explorer like she is since he already loves science so much. He is also a lefty like his Tia!

It was a great time and wanted to share some pics.... in case there is any confusion- NO, we did not have a little car surgically attached to his hand, he just seriously has one in his hand all day and all night, he even sleeps with them! I need a girl..... =)

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