Thursday, April 30, 2009

Silly videos

  Just uploading some pics from the camera and have two silly videos of Sammy to share. He learned this weekend that he can "hide" from us by covering his eyes. It's fun to watch his mouth as he prepares to surprise us with a big "HI!" when he uncovers them. Oh so much fun! Good news, he is over the virus and feeling much better. 
   Tomorrow is a very special day... Sam will be 30 years old!! So, I will be married to a very old man, does that make me a trophy wife?? Just kidding Sam, I love you. Can't wait to spend all day with you tomorrow!  We will be heading to Jax after the Guatemala pancake breakfast to have a bday party and celebrate with his fam and friends. Should be fun!

This video is just him playing before bathtime, but he "hides" a few more times he is just too silly sometimes. When we tell him he is being silly he responds with "TONTO!" which is silly in Spanish, lol. Oh our little Samuelito, we love you silly boy!