Sunday, June 27, 2010

Memorial Day

I have so much more time on my hands these days that I just don’t know what to do with myself so I am cranking out the blog posts! My down time is usually filled with Hannah and her siblings so this has been a rough adjustment. It is still so difficult to get used to them being gone. There have been so many times where we would have had them here or brought them with us somewhere and it just seems lonely without them now. Our house is so quiet with only Sammy here! There is a sanctus real song playing right now and the words to it are just perfect. They sing “it feels like chaos but somehow there is peace. Whatever you are doing inside of me it feels like chaos but I believe you’re up to something bigger than me, larger than life, something heavenly”. I am trusting this is all part of God’s plan for them and for us too, I know He is doing something bigger than we can even imagine.

I still have my sad moments and am still adjusting but for the most part I am learning to give the moments where I am overcome with the awful feelings and longing for them to God. I just call His name and run to Him with it and He is comforting me. I have actually talked to them all every few days so that has helped a great deal too. The last time I talked to Hannah as soon as she got on the phone she said, “Teri, I just love your voice. I miss you and wish you could hold me”. I of course responded with how much I love and miss her too and so we said we would hug ourselves at that moment and she said “do you feel it? Do you feel my hug? I feel yours, Jesus is making it work for us, I feel your hug I really do!!!”. It was just precious. Oh how I miss my girl. 

Ok, enough sadness for now. I wanted to share some pictures from our fabulous Memorial Day! We had the best time and owe a big thank you to the Conrad family for having our Sunday School class out to their lake house. It is right on Hart Springs and it is just gorgeous there. We had so much yummy food and just a great time together. They had a giant water slide for the kids in their yard and then we took their boat to “the beach” which is a perfect little spot down the river with a sandy river bank and some shallow water for the kids to play in. I was happy to have arrived alive after the wiled tube ride Bryan gave me and Juile! I am not even exaggerating when I say that our tube came 5 feet out of the water at one point. I jokingly told them I saw the lights of heaven in that moment. I haven’t screamed that lout in a long time!! I remember as soon as it plopped us back down I saw Hannah’s little head from the back of the boat and she was clapping and waving and gave me a big thumbs up. She had wanted to go on the tube but then chickened out when she heard mention of alligators so I am glad I went to show her how much fun it is. She was a great cheerleader! I am so glad I went on that wild tube ride and even more thankful I had Julie as my partner who called out what way I should lean each time and I really think it is thanks to her that we didn’t land in the water!!!

We had an amazing day, ate lots of watermelon & laughed a ton. Thank you so much for having us all out there and showing us a fabulous time Mr. & Mrs. Conrad!!!


Sammy & Daniel testing the lake water


Lil Miss Gracie


Gracie and David playing in the waves


Even little Reagan played in the river!


Yummy cookout for lunch, I loved listening to the kids’ conversations. They were so serious, it was so cute!


My Hannah Banana had a fantastic day, she loved it and said she wanted to go to their house every single day of her life.


Kid table #2


I caught Sammy doing some joke with his ear of corn and once Addy started laughing at him it just egged him on more, he loves making them laugh!


Annie and Chad


The first boatload was on their way~


We played while we waited. Sammy was very scared of the slide part but loved splashing in the little pool area


Thanks to Mrs. Martha, after a very LONG time she was able to coax him to try the stairs….


He did it! I was so proud of him! I love watching him conquer his fears like this. It is hard to see but he had the most proud look on his face right here, he LOVED the slide. That is Hannah on the right cheering him on, so sweet




Brian, Julie, and David on the boat almost time for our tube ride!


Oh wow….


So much FUN!!!!! I can’t wait to get back in that tube!


We found these little princess-mermaids when we arrived. Sammy looked at them and said “no you not, you are gwirls!!”, ha ha!


My little fishy loved swimming in the river


Hannah and Claire were good buddies


Snuggling up for boat ride home


Some of our group eating watermelon!


Hannah doing some trick with a grape

Happy Birthday Jane!!!

Hannah, Sammy, and I left a little early so we could make it to little Miss Jane’s 2nd birthday party! She was just adorable in her little blue flower dress and gold sandals. Simply lovely!

Funny thing that happened was I was so careful to get Sammy & Hannah all changed and cleaned up from the river but when I went to get MY bag of clothes from the car they were no where to be found. Yep, you guessed it. I had left them at the Conrad’s house. So.. there I was at their sweet little birthday party in my soaking wet bathing suit (with cover dress thank goodness) and dried dirt on my legs. Sam was meeting us there so I asked him to grab me something and everyone got a great laugh at what he picked for me. Don’t get me wrong, I was more than grateful that be brought me clothes but I will never live down that outfit. He brought me one of Hannah’s mikey mouse t shirts that was way too small with no bra and some very old and dingy too tight olive green cargo pants. He he! We still had a great time celebrating Molly’s sweet girl.

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