Friday, November 20, 2009

Wanted to post up the rest of Sammy's bday pics~ thank you again to all who helped us celebrate his life and the blessing that he is to us!!

I can't believe that my little baby is two years old! I seriously has all gone by just so fast. I thankfully can still see a little bit of the "baby" left in him when he sleeps but for the most part all signs of baby are gone and he is just a "real" little boy now. So big! He brings us SO much joy each and every day and we thank God daily for how he has blessed our lives with Sammy. We sometimes ask ourselves how we had ANY fun at all before he was here, which prob sounds silly but he just makes everything we do so much more enjoyable. As I've mentioned before we will print the blog at the end of each year so I included the below for Sammy.. prob pretty boring to rest of you so may want to stop reading here

For Sammy:


At two years old you really are my little sunshine, just like we sing together. You are so sweet and silly and you light up a room. You have such passion for life and all you do, I hope you never loose that sparkle in your eye. You find just so much joy in the littlest things and are always laughing and giggling. You love to say "Hi-yo (hello)" to everyone we see in the store and while we are out. You love music and you dance to any type of music you hear. You love to read and have started finishing the sentences with me in your favorite stories. You love Mr. Magee, your pumpkin book, 1ooo word book, your collection of Buiscit the dog stories, the cat in the hat, Sammy the Seal, and most of all your toddler Bible from Grandaddy. Your favorite story is "Mamel" (Samuel) and you get VERY upset if we don't read that story first each night. In fact, you insist on finding the story yourself (which can take some time) and cheer for yourself once you see the page of Samuel and his mommy and you then say hi to Eli on his page. You love cars and trucks and you look for "bumps" and "roads" everywhere we go. These range from bumps made from the creases in my jeans when I am lounging to seams in the fabric of chairs when we are out. You just love to roll your cars over bunps and to line them up in rows. You beg us to drive our big car over "2 bumps" in front of our mall and giggle with glee when we do. You identify almost every kind of car & truck you see and funny but you always argue with me that cement trucks (mixers) have milk in them.

You like to tickle us and you have started asking us to play different games you think of, I often hear "race cras (cars) mommy?" or "chase mommy". You are very independent and prefer to do things by yourself when possible asking for "mammy's (Sammy's) turn" or, when you really don't want to do something like eat your spinach you say "mommy's turn". =) Your latest challenge is spitting, you picked that one up from school and when you are mad you spit in the cutest way possible. It is so very hard for me to stay stern with you but I do my best b/c it is important for you to learn to regulate your behavior and to obey rules. You get VERY happy when you obey and you declare "yay, obey!" then promptly ask "candy, mommy?" and try to squeeze some candy out of us. Very sneaky little one! Your teachers at school call you their little lover b/c you give everyone in your class a lot of hugs during the day. You love to hug and kiss your stuffed animals and many other things and you often place your animals hands like they are praying and you say "jesus amo" (love Jesus) which always melts my heart. I love our sweet praise time together when just you and I rock out to some hymns and have great praise and worship with our Savior. You put your little hands in the air and sing and dance and I know you are truly praising your sweet Jesus. You love to pray and talk to Jesus and have started naming people and things to thank Him for. You are very cuddly and you still ask for "up" to cuddle with me, and I treasure each of those moments. I have vowed to never stop hugging you first, as silly as that sounds, and I don't let go until you do. You love to play outside and look for lizzards, bugs, worms, and birdies. One of your new favorite pages in your word book is the bug page much to my dismay as it grosses me out.

You are such a big helper around our house. You always help me with laundry and cleaning. When I am in the kitchen you love to clean the cabinents with a wet paper towel and to use your "boom" to sweep the floor. You like to help give Kobe his food and water and you love to throw things away for us. This became a slight problem when we realized all of the things that had gone missing were a result of your "helping" but that problem was easily resolved with door knob saftey items. There is no doubt that you are a little boy as you laugh hysterically when you burp or toot (ugh?) and tell me if they were big or little burps or toots and so far have yet to say exuse me without being prompted but we are working on that one. Your teachers say you are a great helper in your class. You have adjusted well to preschool. You got off to a shaky start we had to come get you early the first day b/c nap time was hard for you and then after only a few weeks of school just when you were opening up you contracted H1N1 and were a very sick little boy for almost 3 weeks. You spent a night in the hospital and were so very brave with the needles. Your teachers say you are very shy and quiet in class (we were shocked) and that you like to observe everything going on and typically don't join in the songs. I think you are just taking it all in and making sense out of it all. At home you talk about your friends and tell me who you were nice and kind to when we pick you up. I don't know how much of this is true as you are having some trouble with pinching and being rough but we are working on this each day. You ALWAYS mention Kyra, the two of you are still very close. You have learned to sing your ABCs and to count to 18 in English and Spanish and have began recognizing letters and short words. Your counting is so funny b/c you intermix your English and Spanish so it is rarely is all in one language, in fact you have never said the number 8 in English, only en espanol. You speak to us in sentences now and I laugh daily at the things you say, you are absolutely hilarious.

I thank you for the unspeakable joy you bring to me an to all those who love you. You are a very special little boy with a sweet heart and a contagious giggle. Each day I pray the Lord will bless our relationship and give me wisdom as I love you and teach you while you grow. I pray that you will come to accept Him as your Savior early on and that you will grow in faith and seek His will for your life. You are a precious gift that He has entrusted your Daddy & me with and we promise to always do our best job as your parents. We love you with all our hearts!!!