Thursday, September 3, 2009


Had to post this pic.. check out his wild hair! I can always tell it is time for another haircut when it gets poofy like this. Gville moms- anyone know of good kids cut place in town???????
Things have been rather hectic with the first few weeks of school starting for me & Sammy. Sammy has adjusted well to preschool. His first week was a little rough and his happy gram each day always mentioned the fun things he enjoyed doing most but then also that he had a rough time at nap time. For some reason he cries before nap and as soon as he wakes up for me. It is so hard to hear that and each time I look at the clock while I am working and see it is noon.. dum dum dum... I want to drive and pick him up but then I stop myself and realize he is and will be ok and is well cared for there and I have too much work to do. Yesterday they said he had his first good nap day with very few tears so I am hoping that means the transistion is almost complete.

He seems to already be learning a lot, he can now count with us to 10 (he inserts numbers 2, 9, & 10) and knows some of the ABC song but not much. He brought home his first peice of artwork, complete with cheese cracker crumbs stuck in the glue- that's my boy! It is proudly displayed on our fridge. Each day he rattles on and on when I asked him what he did in school but sadly I have no idea what he is saying for the most part. I just take his excitement to mean he did a lot of fun things and learned a lot. I was happy to hear his teachers say that they can tell we have taught him to put his toys back when he finishes playing b/c he is a great helper in the classroom. As a first time mommy that was good to hear! Sam and I are learning as we go, poor Sammy. We are still working on using gentle hands and being kind to others. He apparenly is great the majority of the time but still has his rough moments where he pinches and pushes the kids. I think he has figured out that he is the biggest one in there and resorts to bullying to get his way, not good. We have been working on this one for a lo-ong time. Hoping and praying it will click soon. =)

Sammy has been telling his first joke!! As you know Gloria had knee surgery and Sam's still sporting his knee injury from Guatemala. So Sammy will say "Mommy, Ya Ya boo boo?" and I say "yes, Gloria has a boo boo" and then he smiles and says "Daddy boo boo?" and I say "yes daddy has a boo boo too" Then before I even finish sayint that he starts cracking up, laughing so hard that he turns purple and he can hardly get the next words out... "Nanet (Janet) boo boo?" and then quickly he says "NO!!!" because Janet does not have a boo boo (that I know of). Anyway, it is just super cute b/c he begins laughing before he even says his little punch line. I think we are going to have a class clown on our hands for sure!

One more random peice of info.... our mystery has been solved. We have had several items around the house dissapear lately. These range from salt and pepper shakers, water bottles, etc to sunglasses & my bathing suit just to name a few. I seriously thought either I was loosing my mind or my car had some whole in the trunk. Last night though, I watched in disbelief as Sammy picked up a target bag with a few items in it that I had sat down by the garage door (a place I put things when I first walk in to get my hands free) and said to himself "trash" then he walked to our trash can in the kitchen with a lid that swings so I never actually see what is in it, and placed it in there then clapped for himself and said "yay Sammy" and walked away. That bag would have been lost too if I had not caught him in action. MYSTERY SOLVED! I still can't believe that my cute guatemalan purse and my bathing suit are gone forever. At least I can have some peace about their loss though. =(

Here are a couple random pictures of my little man and a video of him tickeling Elmo. He was given a VERY nice hand me down gift from Jamine Lynn since she was scared of her Elmo and Sammy has just been on cloud 9. Elmo even helps him eat his veggies! We LOVE the new addition to our household. Thanks again Jamie Lynn! (If you find Elmo's voice as annoying as I do you may want to mute your sound)

His first trip to downtown Jax, he LOVED the fountain and the boats but his fave was of course, the choo choo that went over the river. He was just facinated
Grandaddy fixed him a giant bowl of frozen yougurt with SPRINKLES!

My silly boy
Smelling the flowers at Minoma's house
He played fetch the stick with Pixie (their doggy)
His b/f Thomas (or as he says, Momas) is with him where ever he goes, well except school cuz he isn't allowed there but just about everywhere else
Mommy made him a special treat after school
He liked it!
He just had to take his "cras" to bed with him this night and he lined them up all in a row, now if that is not a Sam DeLucca I dont' know what is. =)
tickling his new buddy Elmo