Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The big performance

Samantha and Krista had their big end of year performance at school shortly before they left town. It was a super big deal to them as they had practiced a lot for both the “drum line” and the step team (reminded me of STOMP) portion of it. This was put on by the afterschool program they are a part of and the dance portion was meant as a tribute to Michael Jackson so the kids danced to Thriller. Samantha had a solo part during the step team performance and she beamed the entire time, I was so proud of her. Krista did great with both parts and I loved watching her interact with all of her peers, she giggled the entire time she was on stage. I learned a lot about interaction among tweens from having lunches at their school with them and their friends. With Krista emerging into these teen years I feel I have a lot to learn and I was even a little intimidated when I first went to eat with them at the big middle school rather than their little elementary school we were all used to. Isn’t that weird? I even found myself worried if my hair looked ok as I was walking in to the lunch room that first time. The interactions between them and their fiends are so interesting and so very funny to me and make me MORE than glad I never have to be in middle school again.

Samantha was very nervous about her drum solo and was scared she would forget her part but she did a wonderful time and didn’t miss a beat, literally! She has always been a natural performer and she really shines when she is on stage performing in front of large groups. She may be a tiny little thing but boy when she opens her mouth to sing, you better watch out! So powerful! I have seen her do this in several environments, dances for Big Brothers Big Sisters events, Cheerleading at our church, school performances, etc. She gets a little nervous before hand but once the performance begins she steals the show, every time. Krista did a great job conquering her feels and seemed to enjoy herself while performing too. I was very proud of both of them! They each got personalized awards. Krista received the “I sing twice as much as I drum” award and Samantha received the “I smile all the way through my drum solo award”.

Check out this pic of Krista, do you think she was just a little nervous??


Samantha is in the front to the left side of Michael Jackson’s casket.. uh yes. I did just type that. I know, I thought the same thing

DSC05001 DSC05006

Krista with her sweet Grandma who does so much for all of them!!


Samantha with her teacher, he is a great guy and seems to really care about ensuring each kid has the right goals in mind for their future, my kind of guy!


Our big group at the table, we sat with one of Hannah’s friends and his family and we all had a great time. The cooking club made our dinners and I am thinking they may have needed to attend summer school, it was difficult to get down to say the least but we still applauded their effortDSC05012

Krista paraded Sammy around to all of the tables thankfully he was a good sport about it DSC05013

Class clown all the way!


Krista getting her award, giggling of course


and Sammy with hers


Of course I had to put just one pic of my cute little Banana up!!

DSC05017 DSC05018 DSC05019

Here is a link to Samantha’s drum solo.. she was so brave!!!