Saturday, September 12, 2009

We are oh so trendy!

So, the DeLucca Fam figured we would jump on the band wagon and try out this swine flu thing. =) Our Samuelito came down with it Wed, Heather called from Sonshine to say he wasn't feeling well and was lethargic & fevered. We just gave tylenol and assumed would be fine but nope, H1N1 had other plans. We had a rough night battling 103.5 fever and a rough next day. Sammy's pediatrician tested him and confirmed it was the swine flu and then began the search for meds. Tamiflu speeds up the duratoin and because of the rampant spread of the illness recently is sold out in Gville. I was calling pharmacies and so was the nurse and we finally found one place 30 min away that had a few boxes but we had to wait 4 hours for them, thankfully b/c of Sammy's age he was high priority for the meds. Sammy continued to get worse and by that evening was vomiting and just miserable. He was so very lethargic. We had decided to have him sleep in our bed to keep in eye on him since every 3 hours after a dose of tylenol/motrin rotation the fever spiked. He had just had tylenol and so figured he was fine and was in the other room talking to Leslie. I heard him whimper and peeked in on him and his cheeks were fire engine red and he felt like he was on fire himself. I took his temp and saw 104.8 and freaked out! We were off to the ER and the nurse said he was especially puny (there were several other little ones in that night) and thankfully he was put ahead of them. We had a super long and miserable night in the hostpital, he had LOTS of IV fluid and some Zofran to stop the vomiting. It was just so hard to see him in there with the IV. I was thanking God that we were only in for the flu and nothing more serious. I just can't imagine what the parents of seriously sick children go through seeing their children like that on a constant basis. Our little fatty seemed so small and helpless in that big bed. We were so ready to get home after the last of the IV but they had to keep us until his vitals were back down to normal. Poor thing's heart rate was racing and had high BP. Thankfully we are home now and he seems much improved.

As of now his fever seems under control but he is sooo grouchy! He just cries uncontrollably and is so winy. I am sure he is hurting somewhere, I am thinking maybe his head or throat, so we are doing everything we can to keep him comfortable. The good news is we were told with the Tamiflu he should be feeling better by Monday so we are hopefully nearing the end of this. As most of you know it is so difficult to see your child so miserable and to feel so helpless!

Sam and I think we have a touch of it but haven't been to doctor or anything. Just like the media says, it really isn't that bad on adults. We just feel like we have bad cold and super run down, exhausted. Me being the eternal optimist that I am have decided to see this as a blessing in disguise that we have it early on. I can't imagine taking him in to the ER and having many others just as sick as him and having to wait as his fever spiked to 105 with nobody available to helpd us. Hopefully it won't come to that and it won't be as bad as they say. Oh and we do think we discovered how he got it. We had been at the Avenues mall on Monday with some of my family and figure he got it there. Mom said the headlines in Jax were regarding the large # diagnosed with swine flu in that county last week.

Thanks for all the prayers! Just watned to post a quick update that we are all doing good and Sammy is being a trooper. I think he is over the worst of it, hopefully.

Here is a video of him I found as I am FINALLY getting things off my camera. It is too precious! This is him praising his Jesus! Oh, one cute antidote. He now has a few bruises on his arms and foot from the needles and he points to them and says "Mammy (sammy) boo boo" then he looked and me and said "mommy, Jesus boo boo?" I told him Jesus would help to heal his boo boo and help him feel better soon. Too cute!!! =)