Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh wow...

have we been busy little bees!!! "Oh wow" also just happens to be one of Sammy's favorite expressions these days. I know this may seem strange to read but I am loving having a two year old!! It is just so fun. Don't get me wrong it is not without trying moments but it hasn't been half as bad as I was expecting. Granted, we are only one month in .. things could go down hill really fast but as of now he has just been so much fun. He is just sillier than ever if that was even possible and is our little narrator, talking about everything we do and to everyone we see. His imagination is growing so rapidly as his "imaginary" turtle friend is still with us but seems to change colors often as it was purple and green but the next week he said it was red. When I asked him later THE SAME day how his red turtle was doing he cracked up and laughed at me and called me "silly mommy" as if I was the silly one thinking a turtle was red??? He recently has been chattering about some horses too?? The first mention of them was after he hit his head and got a goose egg.. I am glad Leslie was with me to hear him b/c I was worried he had a concussion or something. He looked at us while we were eating and said " oh listen!! The horses are coming!!" and he was all excited??? I was seriously concerned but she assured me this was "normal" and sure enough.. he has talked about his horses a few times since?? Has anyone else heard of imaginary horses??? Is this really normal?? Ok seriously, somebody just lie and leave a comment saying your child chatters about their "happy horses" too, thanks.

Anyway, we have been so busy with Thanksgiving, me finishing the semester up, Sam starting UPS and working at the shop in St. Augustine, and .... Leslie & Jamin came to stay with us!! So much fun!!! I have missed the bloggy world though and couldn't wait to post up some things.

First things first.. here are some pics from Thanksgiving. The above picture was placed at the VERY top of this post specifically for MY COUSINS.... PAUL, CINDY, KAREN, and SHERRY (the ring leader) who have all moved away and left us lonely here in FL. I took this picture to show you all just how sad Sammy was to be the only child at the kiddie table AND IN THE HOUSE for that matter. You see, our family holidays were always full of children's laughter and the pitter patter of little feet and oh so much joy as we were all together and thenSherrystarted her master plan of relocating our entire family up to TN. Karen & her kids soon followed and then Paul & Kristen and their boys moved up to Ga. No, they are not in TN yet but they are surely a little closer and I am sure Sherry is working on getting them up there too. Sadly we lost Debbie & Glen and the kids to Sherry's relocation plan early in Nov and then, the day after Thanksgiving Cindy- my dear sweet beloved Cindy- left and headed up to her new home. Ours is a sad sad story of a very lonely family left all alone here in Fl with no kids for poor little deserted Sammy to play with/grow up with. I think each of you mentioned in bold print above should print this picture of Sammy and hang it on your fridge as a daily reminder of what you have done, especially you Sherry.. you should blow yours up to an 8x10. ha ha!! No I tease, they all had very good reasons to move and it is great to see God working His plans out for each family in ways that only He could. They are all living nearby each other or within a couple hours from each other and are loving this new chapter in their lives but we sure did miss them on Thanksgiving and Christmas will be very different for sure! We love you all!

The grown ups chatting it up over some pumpkin pie and coffee
Cindy and Shane... oh young love, just melts your heart doesn't it?
Sammy had the best time playing with his Uncle Brennan... the wrestled and sang and even played piano!

Kisses from his Tia, so sweet!
Sam and Sarah being silly
Sammy ran and jumped in our pic at the last min, sneaky little thing!
of course there had to be some football at some point! Good follow through Shane!
Saying good bye to Cindy.... so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My uncles LaVaughn and Stan
MMMMM.... it was all so yummy and yes I did unbutton my top button on my jeans after all of that food!
Silly silly!

And a few pics from our time at Pops and Esther's house... a lot of Sam's family was in for a visit so we had a good time catching up with everyone. Sammy LOVED playing with his Uncle Joey and his "new" cousins that he had yet to meet before.

He wrestled some with Gavin and then gave him big hugs after, so cute!

Family picture but we were missing Sam's parents & Sarah and Pops fell asleep so.. here is most of them, check out Sammy, he was the tallest of all on Joey's shoulders!
He told Sherry that Joey was a "happy big kid" ha ha, he was very correct on that one =)