Thursday, June 21, 2012

And just like that… I’m a soccer mom!


Our little guy has always loved soccer, I am convinced it is in his genes and so at his request we signed him up for a soccer team. Let me tell you, if your kid has any remote interest in soccer you should get them on a team. Watching a group of preschoolers play a soccer game is the BEST entertainment, it is absolutely hilarious. We laughed so hard at each game, it was overall a fun experience.

Sammy’s team picked the name “Little Jaguars” and I know I am biased but they were the cutest team to ever hit the field. They were so worried about taking the ball from each other on the first day that the coach had to talk to them about when it is ok not to share the ball. There were times during a few games when all 4 or 5 coaches were blowing whistles running after the group of kids who were chasing the ball out of our field, into the middle of a bigger kid game, and then into a third game! Like I said, hilarious!


My boy was very shy about going out on the field to play in the games, which surprised us. He would go out for all of 30 secs, turn around and run back to me and shake his head no and hide his face every time he was called in. We didn’t force him, just explained that he didn’t have to play but he was part of the team so we would stay and cheer them on. Once half time came & there was nobody watching the field he would go out on his own and score as many goals as he could before folks started noticing then he would run back off field. Thankfully by the last 4 or so games he was brave enough to stay on the field and run after the group. He never tried to get the ball but he did follow behind the others on the field during the game and that was progress so we were happy! Thankfully the coaches and other parents were so encouraging and sweet with him and really made a big deal when he finally stayed on the field, which made all the difference.

Here’s a few pics to highlight the season:


First day! SO THANKFUL that Sam’s dad was able to come with me. Sam was working in Gville & I had no clue how to get his shin guards in the soccer socks, so it was Papi to the rescue!


Sneaking in some lovin’ while waiting for practice to start IMG_1925

Warm ups- Love how only 1 is actually doing what the coach is doing


Sammy’s first time out on the field for his first game ever! Yes I was a nervous mommy. I actually shed a tear when they blew the whistle to start the game. Seriously!


His “most favorite” part of soccer- half time snacks


His 2nd favorite part- Shaking hands after each game


He was always a ham on the sidelines


Love his face after he stayed in the game for his entire time on the field. I remember him telling me “I finally did it, it was actually fun!”


Quick reminder of which goal the ball needs to go in is always a good idea


Last game of season- he kicked the ball! Finally!


Anything to make his buddies laugh


As the season went on they got the hang of warm ups



Scoring goals during half time


We loved Coach Jayson, he was so patient with them and really made it fun. Here he is giving Sammy tips on the “Frog position” when he is waiting for ball


Go Little Jaguars!!!!