Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sammy is 2!!!

Sammy's cupcake creation.. we gave him one of each and he stacked the marshmellow eyeballs!

Well I can't believe it but our little pumpkin turned 2 on Nov 3 at 9:13am. Strange as it is there were 2 other kids in his class with his same bday and so Hannah helped me make mini cupcakes to take to his class on Monday and then we decided to keep him home from school on Tuesday his actual bday. We had so much fun!!! I decided about a week or so before hand that it would be fun to invite his little buddies in Gville to meet us at the park to play and my AMAZING friend Molly made the absolute cutest cupcakes in the whole world for the kiddos to eat. They were Elmo, Oscar, and Cookie Monster!! I was just amazed at her skill and they were so yummy! I will say I learned a valuable lesson......... ALWAYS consider time changes when planning a bday celebration!! It never dawned on me that there was a time change right before his bday so I planned for all of us to get together at 5pm. Well just as soon as we all got together and the kids started playing it started getting dark. Near the end we were almost in pitch black and some mommies were using the lights from their phones for the kids to see the table to finish their cupcakes. OOPS! I hope this is the extent of my bday party errors. We all remember the pinata incident from Hannah's 6th bday. =)

Here are few pics and some videos from that morning. We had a present for him and had wrapped it in car wrapping paper and when I brought it down he was MORE than excited to open his car paper. Too funny.

Thank you to all who came out and celebrated our little guy with us!

He wore his bday hat from school every night at dinner, he was VERY proud of it
here he is having a two year old moment (pouting) with chocolate on his face and his buddy "Nica"