Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pics and silly video

Just wanted to put up a few more pics from my awesome party in OP with my friends and family. Thank you again to everyone for making it such a fun special night. I loved every moment of it. I was thanking Jesus that night for how He has blessed each friendship and how our family is so close. I went to sleep that night praising him for each of those relationships that I value so much. I really have just the best family and friends, I am one luckly girl! They have all loved me through it all and support all my crazy endeavors, they are just the best. I have known most of these since elementary & junior high and they stuck by me through all of my crazy hair, stages/wardrobes, career paths, etc. I just could not be more grateful that each is still a big part of my life. I LOVE "doing life" with yall, just fabulous!

I know there are a lot of pics but I loved these and had to put them up. The videos at the end of Sam are absoultey hillarious, he basically taught my little cousins how to suck hellium from balloons (your welcome Deb!) and of course there is one video of our little fishy showing off his new found skills of going underwater in the pool. As you will see he gets VERY excited about it and is VERY proud of himself after each time. Thank you again to everyone, I seriously had the best birthday ever b/c each of you were there in one spot. yay! Muchos Gracias mi amagas, te ama mucho!

My Mom serving up some cake and ice cream, mmm mmm good!
Some of the gang
Jaime Lynn and Sammy getting their sugar rushes on
My little babies met for the first time! Peirce was talking to Caitlin and she was smiling back, so sweet!

Tabitha and Rob, such a sweet couple. Rob absoultely cracks me up. Michael was swimming in the pool so missed him in this shot but their son is adorable. He too cracks me up. Just love this fam!
My mom loving on Peirce, love his expression. Such a cutie pie!
Gloria was a hit! All the kids of course instantly loved her and she was just so helpful with Samuelito. We sure love her and Joe, they are the best neighbors ever!
Mehan and Coco
Guddaling, Coco, me, and Meeegan (or Meeegan the Vegan as Sam calls her and no she is not vegan). Just realized I have nicknames for each one, wow. If Linda had made it in the pic she is Winna Kaye and if Cindy had made it in she is RP. Again, can I call someone by their first name? I really just realized that I do this as I was writing the caption. Something to think about.
Little Marc all grown up
Audra made me the yummiest baked goods.. brownies, snickerdoodles, and choc chip cookies! They didn't even make it 3 days, how sad is that? You see how full those bags are. I seriously need to develop some self control one of these days. Thanks Gu!

Sammy with his cousins, he adores them
Julz made me the coolest card ever (again there I am with a nickname) and she made me super cute earrings that even matched my shirt I had on! She's simply the best!
Here we are with our cool earrings, stylez by Julz I call them.
Sammy and his buddy Jamie Lynn just chatting it up on the swing, they are just too cute
Winna and her precious little Catilin, so beautiful!
Check out one of the hallways, I wasn't kidding when I said they went all out on decorations! It was VERY trocpical

Prepare yourself for the last one, Nicole videoed this for me and she shook the camera when she laughed..Sam is one of a kind, that's for sure. I love you honey, thanks for cracking us all up. For those who were wondering , no the iced tea and Koolaid were NOT spiked. This is all natural. =)