Sunday, March 22, 2009

Boys will be boys!

My little drummer boy

First and most importantly... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH MICHELLE!!! Today is Sam's baby sister's birthday, she is all grown up now. We hated we couldn't be there to celebrate with the fam. We love you Sarah and can't wait to see you again. Sammy misses you so much, he kisses your pic all the time. Sam said he is holding your gift ransom, you have to come visit us here in Gville to get it. That's your big bro for ya!

I wanted to take a few min and just let everyone know just how much I LOVE having a little boy. I have to be honest I was not all that thrilled when I learned our sweet baby girl ( I just KNEW it was a girl, I could feel it, or so I thought) was actually a boy. Sam and Sarah were there for that sonogram appointment and actually my friend Julie was too since she was one of the nurses performing it, and I can still see that monitor screen like it was yesterday. Sammy spread his little legs and bam.. there was our proof. Everyone in the room exclaimed at the same time.. "oh its a boy!!" and they were all smiling and cheering, Sam & Sarah had tears in their eyes and all I had was a sinking feeling in my stomach. I asked her to please check again, could she be sure b/c it just couldn't be a boy, I had prayed and worked this one out with God. I too shed tears then with everyone else but mine were b/c I was just scared. There went all my hopes of how this mommy thing would go.. what did I know about boys? How would I have a close relationship with a boy? How would I play with him, what would we talk about, and on and on went my fears & doubts. Well, thankfully... God knew what was best for me and just what we all needed, and that was our silly sweet little boy. Thank God for unanswered prayers, huh?

I quickly warmed to the idea of having a boy and I couldn't have been more ready but I really was not prepared for just how amazing the mommy-son relationship would be. It just facinates me and is almost indescribable. I still think to myself almost daily just how thankful I am that God gave me my boy. All of my worries from before have been replaced with just pure joy in every aspect. No I still don't know how to play with all the boy things and in fact, just today I had to ask Sam to explain this hand me down toy he got. I could tell it was supposed to be some sort of contstruction thing, but that was about all I could guess. I just figure it out as I go and I love it. I love the car sounds & the crashing, all the many rocks, and the sweet side of boys too. The hugs and kisses, the silly faces, the tickles, our dancing, and the excellent "help" I get with every task around the house. When we have our broom.. he runs to get his "boom" and he is such a hard worker. I am amazed at just how much of the rough boy stuff seemed to come without any teaching or socialization. Nobody ever showed him that the best way to stop himself when he pushes his pooh bear firetruck from one end of house to the other is by crashing it into the door, he just started doing it. As a developmental psychologist, I am a firm believer in the value of androgonous play while bearing in mind natural tendencies too but I was just not aware how much of the boy stuff came free of socialization. It is so funny to me! Ok, sorry I am rambling now. I will wrap this up. Take home message.. I love having a little boy and have so much fun doing all the boy things. I am totally learning as I go but loving every moment of it. Even the not so stereotypical boy things like cooking in his kitchen or when we rock his teddy to sleep are just so much fun. He blows my mind literally everyday and I just love our relationship and the closeness we have. I pray daily for our relationship and for us to remain super close. We have some good talks now (well, as good as can get with a 16mos old) and I pray that ours will remain a strong, sweet relationship, one that will endure the teenage years.. eeks.

Ok, moving on. Just thought I would post some silly pics of my boys being boys to go along with this. The fist one is of Sammy's car, Sam hooked it up and put some fancy car exhaust system sticker on the hood and then this lisense plate on the back, I half expect him to put some rims on it any day now. The next is of thier fort, Fort Dito to be exact. Sam came home one day with this giant box from work and he carved out windows and a peep hole and made a flag. The fort's name came from one of Sammy's nicknames. Sam calls Sammy "Dito" which is pronounced Deeeto, short for Gordito which means fat in Spanish. Seems harsh I know but it is not an insult in Spanish, promise. He made up a song and funny thing they do together when Sammy was only a few months old and it kinda stuck, Sammy now runs to Sam and says "Dito" and they still do it together. Anyway, they play in their fort each week, it is too cute so had to put up a few pics.

Sam pimped Sammy's ride, lol

Sammy loves his little peep hole, he was spying on me here!

Had to post this, too cute. This is Sammy smelling my beautiful flowers from Sam, litearlly 2 seconds before he lost his balance and toppled compltely on top of them crushing them all. There was a Sammy shaped whole in my bent flowers when Sam came back in the room.. so sad but kinda funny too.

Finding his belly button.. classic Sammy, one sock on and one sock off.

One of his fav ways of looking at things now, I will prob cry when he stops doing this, I just love it so much. It cracks me up!

His first block tower, he was VERY VERY proud of himself. He clapped and ran around screaming and "jumping" (going on his tippy toes)

Quaking it up wih the dukies.. I love my Sams!