Thursday, September 8, 2011

Catching up…Hannah’s Big Day

I have decided to do some quick posts to catch this blog up because I have learned I tend to forget a lot of awesome family moments if I don’t document them somehow. Senior moments I guess, hey, they happen to the best of us, huh?


So here is the first in my catching up series… Hannah’s birthday! Never mind that it happened in March. Just look past that part and focus on the amazingness of Hannah Banana. I STILL can’t believe she is TEN! How did that happen?

I feel so incredibly blessed that God picked me to be her Big Sister. She was only four when we were matched so I feel privileged to have watched her grow up and change so much. She sure has come a LONG way and I am so very proud of her. It has been surreal to transition into this new stage where we have such serious conversations about life and boys, particularly one boy. That’s right, she has the fever- the Beiber fever and she has it bad. Justin Beiber is a pretty big deal in her world. Hannah has such a fun personality, she is so silly and wild and all over the place but yet soooo soo sweet and loving and resilient. I love her outlook and take on things. Sure it is often “out there” but just when I laugh off whatever she is saying she will bust out with some crazy words of wisdom and I am left speechless. She has really become a part of us, of our family, and we just love her to pieces. She spices things up around here and makes us laugh, really makes things fun. I am honored to be in her life and to be the one to make her feel so special. I cherish all the secrets she shares with me and all of our sweet giggly moments. We have made so many memories together (though there are a few I would like to forget, Kmart comes to mind, ha ha). We have laughed and cried together, gone through some major life changes together, been mad at each other, but most importantly we came through it all stronger and closer than ever. I could go on and on about her but its late so I will move on to the par-tay!

So, way back in March before she “moved in” she came up every few weekends to visit and this particular weekend her sister Samantha came with her. We lived it up! We had a beach day, a beach night, and did so many fun things. Then on the big day, my INCREDIBLY talented and AWESOME friend Audra and her family came over and helped to do this……..


Audra totally surprised her and Hannah’s expression when she saw “her princess party room” as she called it was priceless. We invited her little friends in our neighborhood over and had a fun party and then headed to the pool for a swim. It was just perfect! Thanks again Gu, you are the best!!!!


I made a homemade strawberry cake for her, it wasn’t very pretty but it sure was yummy!


Birthday girl got the first whack at the pin-nata as Sammy calls it, this year I was sure to put candy in it =)


Malia taking a swing


Birthday crew! We heart Hannah Banana!


Present time!



Make a wish baby girl……


Blowing out the candles


Love this pic of her, too pooped to party!


My lil’ cutie batooty, isn’t he precious???


The local bike gang heading home from the pool


My lil guy biking with a lollipop in his mouth and one in both hands, cuz that’s how he rolls


The end of a wonderful day!!! We love you Lil Miss Priss!!