Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fireman Sam is THREE!



Ok so technically he turned three 7 months ago but in the spirit of catching up and attempting to record our family memories through this blog, I am posting up some pics. Sammy requested a “firetruck” birthday and so we invited our friends and family to his “fav-o-witpark. He worked so very hard on his invitations and was just as proud as could be when he walked them down to the mailbox. I have to thank my Mom and Richard for ALL of their help with his party. My life was so insane at that time and they were such a huge help, he seriously wouldn’t have had a party if it wasn’t for them. I actually submitted my dissertation to my committee members at 1am the night before his party if that gives you any indication of how crazy things were. Another thanks to the amazing Molly who made his adorable firetruck cake. It was a huge hit with my little man. He STILL talks about it. Thanks Mollz!


I also want to thank Andrea for her valiant attempt to be at the party. We were so thrilled to learn that she and her boys were driving the 2 hour drive up from Lakeland to celebrate with us and sadly, our time together bombed in a major way. Poor Connor came down with a terrible stomach bug and Andrea was up all night with him. The morning before the party was comical, but even with all the insanity we still managed to have fun together. At one point I remember Sammy pulled his pants down and peed on our tile (we were obviously still potty training then!) at the same moment Connor got sick. Andrea and I just looked at each other, groaned, and then we had to laugh. It was sad to help her load up and get back on the road before the party but I was glad for the few hours we had together~ thanks for making the drive and I still hope for a redo soon Andrea. =)

It was such a fun party and Sammy had a blast. At one point he grinned and told me he was “so happy he felt tickles”. Thank you to all of you who came to celebrate our boy and for his birthday presents. He is still enjoying them and amazes me with how he remembers whom each toy is from. I have to note that looking back at these pictures was rather bittersweet. I know we’ve only been away from Gainesville for 6 months but I really miss all of our friends there. We were so so blessed to have found friends who were like family to us. We were surrounded by amazing & FUN friends there who truly loved our family and encouraged us in every way. I sure am missing me some Gville mommy group! I guess technically they were play dates but really I got just as much out of those get togethers as Sammy did. Ok, enough sappy and on to the pics!