Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sleepover Party!

We have been quite busy around Case de DeLucca this month as we try to settle into a routine with Sam's new job and hours and my semester is in full swing but we have still managed to have a lot of fun too. Sam was out of town a couple Saturdays ago and so I figured why not have a big ol' sleepover party! Sammy was so excited all morning, he helped me clean and get sheets & towels ready and we went shopping and picked out some yummy treats to eat while I prepared by drinking a giant cup of coffee. He told all the clerks in Publix "i shoppin fo pawty! Gonna be weally much fun!" ha ha, he was cracking me up. We had such an awesome time with Hannah and her sibs. So much fun in fact, it was hard to take them back home.

We first picked picked up Samantha and Hannah for Samantha's shopping trip. You see, there are some VERY sweet and generous people in our Sunday School class who have blessed this family each year in more ways than I can say. I can't remember if I posted on here or not but Bill, their grandpa passed away shortly after Christmas. This has been especially hard on their family b/c the kids live with their grandparents so not only is Mirna dealing with the loss of her husband and the kids the loss of their grandpa, but also she is now adjusting to the added pressure of doing life with 4 children without him. Our Sunday school class provided their Christmas tree and gifts along with some delicious meals that kept them going through the hard days before and after his death. Some folks gave money so the kids could shop and pick out their own clothes which is a HUGE deal for them and Mirna has been very touched by all that you all have done for her and the kids. THANK YOU! Anyway, poor Samantha's shopping trip had gotten put off for a variety of reasons so I figured before the sleepover would be a great time. Oh did we have fun! We hit a huge 75% off sale at JC Penny and she really made out with some amazing things. The girl has style! While she tried things on Hannah had fun trying on a plethora of prom dresses that had been left in the dressing room, it was hilarious. I laughed so hard at her that my stomach hurt.

After shopping we picked up the rest of the crew and headed back to our house for some dinner and treats and then we played some games and had a movie night after Sammy went to bed. These kids love pickles and fresh fruit and so I was stocked up and prepared & they were excited to have pickles and fruit along with their popcorn. That was a first for me for sure! Mark was not fond of the girly movie and asked to watch something else on his own and I finally caved in. I wanted them to have fun together (they fight a lot at home) but then realized he doesn't get much alone time away from the girls so I got him all set up in our room and he loved being in our big bed and drinking his pickle juice while he watched his show. My favorite time of the evening though was and always is bed time. I love spending one on one time with each of them. I treasure just talking and hearing what is on their hearts and praying together. We had some very sweet tender moments that I have stored away and will always cherish in my heart. Each one of these kids although yes they can try my last nerve has such promise and I hope and pray that as they as they grow they will find their true value and seek God's plan for their lives. I see these years now as so critical, before we know it they will be teens (well Krista is already acting like one for sure) and I so desperately want them to avoid the pitfalls that I know are waiting around the corner. It is so hard to be a teen these days and I am sure it will be even harder for them given their situation and I pray each day that God will put good friends and role models in each of their lives to walk through those times with them and make it that much easier.

I had one of the best morning wake up times I have had in a while, it made me sad that Sam missed it. One by one each filtered into our room and all 6 of us cuddled up and they laughed at Sammy's silly songs. He did a great job entertaining us, who needs cartoons with a 2 year old who is eager to perform? Although chaotic, I somehow (literally by the grace of God!) managed to get all 5 kids dressed, fed, and ready for church.... and we were only 12 min late to church! Although we were late, that is still success in my book. I will admit I was rather frazzled when I made it to my own Sunday school class and had to fight back my tears of joy as I took my seat and realized that we actually MADE it there. They all seemed to love their classes and when we came home and Mark helped me make hot chocolate for everyone since we were all freezing. I loved that time with him, he is such a great little guy with a giant heart.

Our sleepover was simply the best. I hope we can do it again soon. I am so thankful for these kiddos.

Krista said something hurtful so I made her not only apoligize but kiss Sammy on her cheek. That's right! That will show her!
This is one of Hannah and Sammy's favorite things to do together, race his little push cars. =)
They played dress up and in this pic were on their way to meet Prince Eric and Prince Quin.. ha ha

Silly kiddos!

That's my Banana! Wearing my heels while she watches a movie in her pj's .. if I have not taught her anything else through our match she has at least adopted my love of shoes and she gets just as much joy from a pretty pair of shoes as I do.
Ok that is just gross. Eating pickles is yuck enough but drinking the juice.. gag me now!
Sammy was their prince in the dress up game, he is so funny when he plays with them. He has no clue what is going on but is very busy and into it nonetheless and is just excited to be a part of it. I asked him to try to peepee on potty and he very seriously said "no, 2 minutes mommy, I play king right now" then he ran off.
Princess Banana modeling her new shirt, skirt, & shoes from our friends. You can kind of see it under my snuggie
Mark made some delicious hot chocolate for all of us! Sammy declared "Marky is good. is yummy in tummy"
Hot chocolate with lunch.. notice Sammy couldn't stop drinking his even one second. That's my boy!
Check out Miss Samantha Lynn! She did great, she only got things that would be good for summer even thought she just loved this pink pair of sparkly jeans. I asked her to model her favorite outfit she bought so I could show our friends who gave the money. She not only has style but is thrifty too.. this was her favorite because and I quote "it is so totally cute and a great deal. A scarf and necklace with a shirt? Can't pass it up, i'd be crazy not to get it" HA! I laughed at her b/c she sounded just like my little cousin Julie when she said that. =) I miss you Julz!