Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wedding Pics! Congrats Kim & Chris!

So... they tied the not! Kim and Chris were married on October 3 and we couldn't be happier! It was so much fun and went by entirely too quickly. The theme of their wedding was bamboo and so it was in the bamboo garden at the Kanapaha Botanical gardens and was just so romantic! It is so beautiful there and when the wind blows you can here the giant bamboo knock into each other. Just heavenly. They had a reading during the ceremony about what bamboo represents, how it can bend and touch the ground but it never breaks. It was a very sweet ceremony. Each of us attendants carried parasols rather than bouquets.

Samantha (one of my Hannah Banana's sisters) was Kim's flower girl. She was one of Kim's "littles" a while ago in BBBS and Samantha thinks Kim hung the sun and moon so she was beside herself with excitement the day of. She came to our house and I did her hair and makeup and she was just giddy. She giggled and had to stop and look in the mirror every few min to see how she looked like "a princess but kind of a movie star at the same time" in her words. It was quite a challenge to say the least to get myself, Sammy, and Samantha ready and make it to the wedding (prob why my hair looked so horrible). Sam was their videographer, golf cart driver, and had to get the bridal gown there early so it was a teensy bit stressful right before hand. I can safely say I am NOT READY FOR TWO KIDS YET after that whole experience. I thought I was going to have a heart attack the hour before hand. Seriously, if my mom and Richard weren't there to help we wouldn't have made it. That experience definitely set our 2nd baby plans back a few years. =)

Sammy did wonderful and we enticed him down the isle with gummy bunnies and mom surprised him with a new truck (yellow or "yewoll" , his fav color) and stickers. He was promised a second truck if he walked down the isle... it worked!! I was just so proud when he walked down. He was too cute. He went a few rows down then got a little confused so found a strange man sitting on the isle and cuddled up to his leg (???) which provided some laughs of course, the nice man tried to point him in the right direction but Sammy just clung to him. Samantha went down and took Sammy's hand and led him the rest of the way down. Just precious! I didn't get any pics b/c I was already in my place so I can't wait to see the professional pics.

Kim was in a word stunning. She was the perfect bride, just so eloquent and radiant, just beautiful. I was so frantic when we first arrived and was trying to get Samantha in her dress and then I saw Kim and she literally took MY breath away! lol! I can't imagine how her groom felt ha ha. I had to just stop and stare at her standing there surrounded by all the bamboo. She was just so beautiful! I was just so happy for her, words can't express how happy I am to see all her dreams coming true. She was on cloud 9 all night and seemed to have the best night of her life. She shined the entire evening and I hope she felt so very loved and appreciated by all who were there to celebrate with her.

I was sooo scared of the toast. I begged and pleaded with her for months trying to get out of it and she allowed no wiggle room. I protested and didn't write it until the morning of the wedding. I even tried to hide when they called my name to go up and give it but Sam sold me out (uh.. it's called being a team honey..) but it went well. Keith said my little note page was shaking so badly that he almost came up and held it for me. =) I was sooo relieved to have that over with!

All in all it was such a fun evening. We are so happy for you two! I made a slideshow of the pics and for you grandparents.. I included extra tux pics of Sammy at the end. =)