Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Snips and Snails and Puppydog Tails!

Ok, so I sat down to upload Easter pics and was in the process of creating a new folder for them and look what I found! Pics from an old play date that were just too cute. I never got around to organizing these and I am so happy I stumbled across them!
One of the many things about God that I find intriguing is the way in which He brings people in and out of my life with perfect timing. I have been blessed with a Sunday School Class full of amazing women who have been just such a source of strength and encouragement from me. Our church family is really like having family here in Gville, they are our family away from real family if that makes sense. I have so much fun with them, learn from them, and am encouraged by them. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting together for playdates. It is great for the babies/kids but also great for us to just talk, laugh, and have fun. I have learned so much in so many areas, faith, relationships, ways to be better organized, discipline techniques, and even ways to get more back on our taxes (thanks Julie!). I have just really enjoyed our time and can't wait until we can get together again. For those who haven't joined us yet, please come even if you don't have kids. It is just great to get together.
Real quick, on different note, I think we have my lip issue narrowed down. Something is definitely going on b/c they burn even when not swollen if I don't keep vaseline on them. So strange! It is possible it is hereditary andiodema (HAE) which is a very mild non serious autoimmune disorder that results from a deficiency of the blood protein C-1 inhibitor. The last doc I saw (this is number 7) wants me to go for allergy testing to rule out allergies but this most recent diagnosis would explain my stomach pains too. I have also had wierd bouts of stomach pain that comes each night but is gone in morning. It is also weird, it only lasts few days then is gone which is why I never see doc about it b/c seems to have cleared up. Anyway, apparently HAE flare ups are associated with mouth swelling and stomach pain. I dunno.. we'll see. It will be nice to have it all figured out. So thankful that it is nothing serious but I am dreading the allergy testing, we all know just how well I handle needles, oh goodness. Better go ahead and pray for those poor nurses who have to take my blood now.

Back to fun stuff....Just wanted to post a few of the pics I found. The first is actually one of Sammy and Samuel a friend from Gloria's house that I thought I would throw in. He & Sammy have become good buddies. The others are all of our playdate at Julie's house and the last is a random video I happened to find that we took for Sammy's grandmas of him "jumping", quoatations are key to the interpretation of jumping.

David, Sammy, & Daniel...All piled in and ready to go!

Katie & Luke the cutie, he loved watching all the happenings!

Ready for the picnic

Love this picture, they look like little men deliberating something very important

Sammy made a new best friend that day and was totally obsessed with their adorable dog

LOVED the lawn mower, should've put him to work

Cutest pic of Daniel ever! I love it, he has his boots and his truck, and is in full play mode!

Sammy loved the sandbox

Here is our video of Sammy "jumping", he is VERY proud of his new skill, too bad his feet technically never leave the ground.