Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sammy's Big Night

We were so happy to be given tickets to go see Sesame Street Live! Sammy is totally Elmo obsessed all the way so we were really excited to take him. He cracked us up. We had predicted on the way that he would sing and dance and burst with excitement. In the car he kept saying "Go see Elmo!" and he was clapping and hugging his little Elmo. When we got there we found our seats and he was really just in awe of how big the arena was and how many people were there. Then all of a sudden he screamed "ELMO MOMMY!!" he was jumping and clapping and laughing. We were so confused b/c Elmo was no where in sight and then we followed where his little finger pointed to and low and behold, up on the second level some kid had a large stuffed Elmo on the floor by their chair. Everyone around us including the usher was laughing and told us we should have saved our money if that is all he needed to see to be happy! =)

We could not have been more wrong in our prediction. This is how he was the ENTIRE show....

I don't think he ever even blinked. There were two songs he kinda sorta shook his bootie to but that was it. He did come alive during intermission and had a blast dancing with the other kids. I had to post this video that captures his sheer excitement and amazement of the night. He was dancing and then Elmo's voice came on to announce we the show would start in 3 min so return to our seats. You may not be able to hear but Sammy turns to me and just says "Elmo!" "Elmo!"with his awe struck face that so perfectly captured his entire night.

Yes that is a giant puddle of drool about to fall on Sam's lap if you were wondering... so gross!

He was VERY unhappy that at the very end confetti fell from the sky and made a "big mess!" "No no MESS!" he did NOT like the mess one bit. Um, can we say Sam DeLucca for real? Could not be more like his daddy in that respect.

This last video is just super cute. This is him dancing with his little girlfriend he met. We have no clue who she is but I would like to think that this could be his future wife!! How romantic would that be. They met at a Sesame Street Live showing, their shared love of Elmo joined them together and they shared a few sweet moments of crazy Elmo dancing then she was gone. Fast forward 40 years (that is how long it will be before I can think of him getting married) and they happen to meet again... their shared love of Jesus brings them together, next thing we know wedding bells! Later as us moms are talking about childhood we recall we were all at Sesame street live..... =) OK enough procrastinating. Time to study quals. See how much I hate studying?