Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our Sweet Hannah Banana....

is now 8 years old and I just can't believe it! Where does the time go?? We celebrated her birthday on March 13, and had a wonderful time. In the past we have had parties for her but this year was a little different. We had planned to have a party at the park, but it turned out that Hannah's mom and her mom's boyfriend were down for a visit so plans changed a little. We decided to take her to Chuck-E-Cheese to celebrate! I have taken her to the one in Jax with my friend Megan and her son Marc and she asks about once a month when we can go back. So, seemed like a perfect opportunity. This was the second visit Hannah has had with her mom since the foster homes so I wanted to be sure to give them plenty of time together. When she was with me earlier in the week we had had some talks and it seemed like it may help things for her to see me & Melissa hanging out together as friends. So, with Hannah's permission of course, I invited Melissa and her boyfriend Mark to come with us and then after we headed to the house for cake and presents. I owe a huge THANK YOU to Jan for thinking of this brilliant plan, it really made for a great bday for Hannah so thank you for the suggestion.

Hannah had such a great time playing all the games, she won so many tickets! She just lit up in that place, it was so cute. It really is the perfect place for her, she can run all around and squeal and be loud and it is A-OK! I was thankful that Mark played some games with Hannah so Melissa and I could sit and talk and get to know each other a bit. It was so sureal to sit and be able to ask all the many questions I have had over the years. For instance, I had always assumed Melissa had rocked Hannah to sleep as an infant and that was where her "rocking" stemmed from and yup, she sure did! That info really helped confirm for me that it really is a self-soothing thing for Hannah. It was not the easiest conversation I've ever had, we talked about some very serious things, but it was nice to get to know her. I hope that it helped Hannah to see us laughing and shedding a tear here or there together. I hope that I can remain in touch with Melissa, especially seeing how important her children have come to be in our lives.

The ride home was so much fun, it is about a 45 min trip and Hannah can get a little stir crazy. Usually on rides up to Jax I have activities and all but I was not as prepared this ride so we rolled down the windows and made every effort to get each semi to honk at us and I can proudly say we had ALL except for one honk!!! It was soo much fun! We headed back to the house to have cake with Sam, Sammy, Joe, & Gloria, and then Hannah got to open her presents. I was very proud of my cake, it was only a teensy bit lopsided and tasted pretty good if I do say so myself! Hannah enjoyed showing Melissa her "room" and all her things and I was glad Sam had a chance to talk some with them as well. All in all it was a super great day and I am so thankful we were able to share yet another bday with Hannah.

Little Miss Priss as I call her is by far one special little girl and I pray daily that she will realize her value, true beauty, and potential and that she will one day give her life to God. It has been my goal through out our entire time together to teach her that God is ALWAYS there for her and He will NEVER leave her. She has changed so much in just the last six months or so and is maturing into a young lady right before my eyes! I LOVE our serious girl talks we have now, so fun. I don't know what the future holds for her and to be quite honest I struggled with understanding what God is doing with her and her situation. I realize though that I can only see one tiny glimpse of His plan at this moment. I can not see the big picture and all that He is up to or even how he will use these years of her life to grow her and her faith. I take comfort in Phillipians 4: 6 & 7 and have prayed this often when I am praying for Hannah.

" Don't worry about anything, instead pray about everything; tell God your needs and don't forget to thank Him for His answers. If you do this you will experience God's peace, which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand. His peace will keep your thoughts and your hearts queit and rest you as you trust in Christ Jesus"

I truly trust that God is working out the details for her and her siblings in a way that will be more beautiful than I could ever imagine. I know that He knows what is best for them and every other person involved so it is best if I let Him do His thing and I just continue to do my little part while He allows my life to be intertwined with hers, and that is to love love love His little princess with my whole being and to do my best to be an excellent example and to teach her about God's love for her.

Here are some bday pics of our silly Banana! I REALLY wanted to put that video from her 6th bday party up for kicks.. you know, the one that belongs on Funiest Videos?? Couldn't find it but I promise when I do, I will post it up and we can all have a good laugh. For those of you not in my family... I never knew you had to put candy in pinatas! My goodness, for the amount you pay I just assumed it came filled with candy, but after several rounds of bashing and no candy... I learned I was wrong and Hannah was right and she STILL hasn't let that one go. So stubborn! I know, like I should talk, ha ha! Oh, good memories indeed!

Fully loving Chuck E Cheese~

Hannah had so much fun with Melissa & Mark

Cheesin it up with ChuckE!

Yay for my homemade bday cake!

Hapy Bday Hannah Banana! We love you!!

She ws so proud to have Melissa & Mark there

Thankfully Hannah was more than willing to share her balloon with Sammy

Loved her present from Aunt Gayle and Uncle Richard

Thought her shirt from Ms. Jan was "soooo totally awesome"!